We have just released an updated version of the ESA plugin for VMware vRealize Operation, new to this release is the support for vROPS 6.6, new XtremIO metrics etc

As always, you can download the latest version from https://support.emc.com/search/?text=esa%204.3&facetResource=DOWN

The UI of vROPS 6.6 is different and it feels like the biggest overhaul since the very early days of vCOPS


Once you installed the ESA adapter (one adapter for all the DellEMC arrays), you can start gathering metrics, for example, here you can see the array CPUs utilization at the storage controller level and the volume level, you can of course customize the dashboards to your liking but we provide you very good ones anyway


Here’s another report showing the array data reduction metrics

Another report you can see below is the “TOP-10” volumes IO activity

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