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  1. SRM 4.1 and Recoverpoint: Test Failover fail when you use Datastore groups

    Hi all,

    First scenario description:

    VMware 4.1 u2

    SRM 4.1.2


    SRA 1.0.3

    VM Configuration

    3 virtual disk.

    1 datastore per virtual disk (Each disk in a separate datastore, each in diferent LUN)


    1 Datastore Group with the 3 datastores of the virtual machine.

    RecoverPoint Configuration

    1 Consistency group with all the VM LUNs

    1 Consistency group with the destination snapshot datastore

    When you make a failover test it’s runs to 50% and then hang when the SRM try to reconfigure the virtual machine.

    The process to reconfigure is when SRM modify the vmx file with all the disks paths information and then register the VM in the vCenter.

    I work about a month with the EMC support and today i have no answer because EMC says that is Vmware and Vmware say that is the SRA.

    Thank you very much !

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