Dell ObjectScale is the next evolution in enterprise object storage, designed for Kubernetes.
Dell offers ObjectScale Community Edition which gives up to 30TB of storage and no time limit for non-production use. You can read more about the Dell ObjectScale here.

ObjectScale Deployment Options:

  • Deploy as an Application on to Red Hat OpenShift Cluster.
  • Deploy using the ObjectScale Software Bundle which feature Dell managed Kubernetes and ObjectScale as single stack.

In this demo we will deploy the ObjectScale using the software bundle. The ObjectScale software bundle installation will install the Kubernetes and ObjectScale on to SUSE Enterprise Linux Machines. For this demo I have prepared five SLES15 SP4 machines. Each machine has five local 1TB SSD. You can read more about this release, here

Extract the ObjectScale Software bundle

Download the and extract the ObjectScale installation bundle on to the management machine and make sure the management machine has container runtime installed as the installer will be running as container on the management machine. The bundle has the installation tool – dkcli – command line tool to standup entire ObjectScale stack.

Create auth file

Create the authentication file contains the username and password of the SLES machines using the dkcli tool.

Create the installation config file

The installation bundle has a sample configuration file which can be customized as per the requirement. Also, the dkcli provide option to generate the configuration file template.

Verify the config file

Install the ObjectScale

Verify the Installation

Install the ObjectScale License

Create ObjectStore

Create Account

Create User in the account

Add account to ObjectStore

Create Bucket

Below, you can see a demo, showing how to deploy the Dell ObjectScale 1.2 Software Bundle

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