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Late last week, Dell dropped its newest release of its Cyber Recovery Management software, Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 19.13. Here is the link to the latest set of release notes (note you will need a registered logon to access). A relatively short post from me this time but here are some of the key highlights:

Multilink Support between Vault DD and CyberSense

This is a quite a significant feature addition. For those customers with Cyber Recovery 19.13 paired with CyberSense 8.2, then for the first time you can leverage multiple links between CyberSense and the DataDomain system in the vault to improve CyberSense analysis performance, when the network is the bottleneck. I will follow up with a future blog post, in terms of how configuration will look like, upgrade options, routing implications, interaction with DDBoost and how that load balances flows for maximum utilisation, but for now, suffice to say it has been a much requested feature that is now available.

Other Enhancements

  • Users can now orchestrate an automated recovery with PowerProtect Data Manager within the AWS vault using AWS EBS snapshots. (Stay tuned for a future deep dive of the Cyber Recovery AWS architecture)
  • Analytics can be processed on Avamar and PowerProtect DP backups of Hyper-V workloads to ensure integrity of the data for recovery against cyberattacks.
  • Users can generate on-demand or scheduled job reports directly from the Cyber Recovery UI.
  • The new Vault application wizard allows users to add backup and analytic applications into the vault, such as CyberSense, Avamar, networker, PPDM amongst others.
  • Multiple Cyber Recovery vaults can be configured in the same AWS cloud region.
  • CyberSense dynamic license metering calculates the daily active data indexed for accurate licensing and renewals.   Automatically remove stale hosts from license capacity and simplified process and licensing to move/migrate the CyberSense server.
  • Simpler format for alerts and emails to comprehend statistics of analysed jobs with actionable capabilities.  Messages can now be sent to syslog that can include directories of suspect files after an attack.
  • UI Driven Recovery to alternate PPDD workflow, streamlining the ability to recover to an alternate PPDD and allowing the administrator to run multiple recoveries concurrently. 

Where to find more information:

Note: You may need to register in order to access some/all of the following content:

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