We have just released our latest (9.1) version of our VMware vCenter plugin.
What is VSI?
Dell EMC Virtual Storage Integrator is a plug-in that extends the VMware vSphere Client, allowing users of the vSphere Client to perform Dell EMC storage management tasks within the same tool they use to manage their VMware virtualized environment.
If you are new to the VSI plugin, i suggest you start by reading about it here What is Dell Technologies PowerStore – Part 17, Managing the array via VMware vCenter with the VSI 8.4 Plugin | Itzikr’s Blog (volumes.blog)
here Manage your Dell PowerStore array from VMware vCenter, with VSI 8.5 | Itzikr’s Blog (volumes.blog) and here Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) 8.6 is Here! – Itzikr’s Blog (volumes.blog)
and here Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) 9.0 is here – Itzikr’s Blog (volumes.blog)

What’s new in 9.1

This section provides a list of features that are supported in this release.

  • The following functions are added to PowerStore:
    • Capacity monitoring for cluster

    • Performance monitoring for cluster

    • Capacity monitoring for VMFS datastore

    • Performance monitoring for VMFS datastore

    • Restore VM using snapshot

    Restore is supported only for VM where no RDM is residing.

    • Display NVMe transport info during adding/viewing PowerStore host.

    • Display NVMe transport info during creating VMFS datastore and creating thin clone.

    • Prevents applying Host Best Practices to PowerStore internal hosts.
  • User search provided as a workaround for 2500 user limitation. The user search option provided in the following pages:
    • Storage Access > Add User
    • Storage Systems > + (Add)
    • Storage Systems > Manage Owners
  • Redis Password update through UI:
    • Update Redis Password at Initial Setup.
    • Update Redis Password after Upgrading to VSI 9.1.
    • Update Redis Password at Management Page.
  • Unregister and register the VSI plugin through UI.
  • Datastore host mapping for PowerStore, PowerFlex, and Unity storage systems:
    • Mapping of hosts to a particular datastore or RDM.
    • Unmapping of hosts from a particular datastore or RDM.
  • VSI Enhancements:
    • VSI plugin dashboard enhancements.
    • Host enhancements:
      • View host mappings in vCenter host page.

      • Set host best practices from VSI Hosts tab.

  • Create and restore snapshot options on right click of a datastore.

    NOTE: Only PowerStore and Unity storage systems are supported.

Fixed problems

List of issues that were fixed in this release.

  • For virtual machine using NVMe/NVMeoF controllers only, virtual device nodes cannot be retrieved and Create RDM action is blocked.
  • Second task (delete VMAX volume) is not created for VMAX delete datastore.
  • Sometimes due to network issues in some environments it does not allow the user to update the default SSH password through the UI.

Service Offerings Summary

Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware vSphere Client
is free and customer downloadable.
Dell Technologies Deployment Services currently has no available service offerings for this program.

Base Warranty & Extensions: N/A – This is a value-add plug-in software module. The support for this module is based on the support contract for the array.

Documentation & Training

Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware vSphere Client v 9.1 downloads and documentation are searchable and available on: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/product-support/product/vsi-for-vmware-vsphere-web-client/overview

You can watch a demo of it, below

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