Wow, we have just recently released CSM 1.0 (which you can read all about, here) and we are alreqady releasing 1.1

Container Storage Modules (CSMs) build on top of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) foundation to deliver robust and powerful enterprise storage capabilities for Kubernetes clusters. CSMs are software modules for storage management that go beyond CSI functionality. The objective of these modules is to expose enterprise storage features to Kubernetes users. CSM aims at improving the monitoring, observability, usability, resiliency, and data mobility for stateful applications with Dell Technologies Storage portfolio. CSM, with the CSI plugins and the pioneering app-aware, app-consistent backup and recovery solutions, form the most comprehensive enterprise grade storage and data protection solutions for Kubernetes from Dell Technologies.

Services Design, Technology, & Supportability Improvements

Container Storage Modules v1.1 has the following new features:

  • PVC/Volume Health Metrics – The collection of volume statistics to enable a volume health monitor.
  • CSM for Authorization Upgrade – Ability to upgrade the CSM for Authorization sidecar and proxy server.
  • CSM for Replication Upgrade – Ability to upgrade the common replication controller via Helm.
  • CSM for Replication Usability Enhancements – Updates to the `repctl` command to improve usability.
  • Support for ReadWriteOncePod Access Mode – Allows volumes to be mounted as read-write by a single Pod.
  • CSI Driver for PowerFlex Standalone Helm Chart – Decouples the CSI Driver for PowerFlex Helm chart from the installation script.
  • Qualifications and updates to the support matrix for Dell EMC CSI Drivers.
  • Dell EMC CSI driver updates to align with the 1.5 CSI Specification.
  • CSI Driver for PowerFlex Volume Group Snapshot (VGS) Enhancements – Ability to move from snapshot group name to group ID for PowerFlex, a new verify script to help with installing, additional VGS related fields returned in “kubectl get” and updates for troubleshooting.
  • Storage Volume Multi-tenancy Support for the CSI Driver for Unity XT – Allows customers to associate Tenant with storage volumes.
  • Updated the ubi-minimal base image for the following CSI Drivers: PowerFlex, PowerStore, PowerScale, Unity, and PowerMax.

Fixed Problems

The following issues were fixed in this release:

  • Test failures and gosec false alarms in CSM for Authorization.
  • RPM install error deploying the CSM for Authorization proxy server.
  • PowerStore NFS export removal from the array is failing on POD deletion.
  • PowerStore static provisioning of volume is failing.
  • CSI driver for PowerScale not creating PVC/POD after array connectivity is re-established post driver install.
  • CSI driver for PowerFlex not logging the correct topology key.

Container Storage Modules v1.1 downloads and documentation are available on:

Main CSM GitHub landing page –

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