Today is May 5th, 2021 and PowerStore from Dell Technologies turns one year old! This past year has been one of record breaking and trend setting for PowerStore, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

From its inception and launch PowerStore was designed to be Data-Centric, Intelligent, and Adaptable. What does this mean?

  • Data-Centric – PowerStore is completely unified supporting both block and file protocols. While supporting multi-protocol PowerStore can also cluster, support single-drive / mixed-capacity growth, SCM integration for all models, and perform in-line data reduction with integrated Quick Assist Technology (QAT) from Intel.
  • Intelligent – PowerStore is SMART! Or as they say in New England, “Wicked Smaaaat.” PowerStore is a highly programmable infrastructure that fully integrates with environment like VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO), Ansible, RESTful API, CLI, PowerShell, Python, etc. But there is a lot of smarts internally as well with machine learning AI, automated cluster expansions, and smart/autonomous data placement within a cluster.
  • Adaptable – PowerStore has unmatched adaptability and this adaptability has its foundation in the container based operating environment. With deployment options like PowerStore T for traditional environments or PowerStore X (an industry creation), customers can achieve operational consistency regardless of deployment need. Anytime Upgrade also allows PowerStore customers to leverage controller upgrades ANYTIME without being locked into long term maintenance contracts. That’s adaptability!

In less than one year of product life, because of the above points, PowerStore has amassed an install base of thousands in 60+ countries and is growing at a record pace – exceeding previous record breaking data center storage technologies. In fact, PowerStore is leading a strong 4x quarter-over-quarter growth pattern.

2 Before 1

The innovation engine of Dell Technologies is moving and it is moving fast. The result of this fast paced innovation engine has resulted in PowerStore 2.0 being announced in less than one year of product life (2 before 1). This is the proof and power of the container based deployment methodology. In less than one year, PowerStore is bringing even more features and capabilities all via a non-disruptive software update.

Performance increase for ALL

This means that ALL customers on ALL models of PowerStore get to experience the “Power” of our container based architecture and rapid pace of development.

A simple non-disruptive upgrade delivers greater overall performance for ALL.

End-to-End NVMe

Customers can now connect PowerStore to NVMe enabled hosts via 32Gb FC implementations.

PowerStore X Clustering

Over the past year, customers have adopted PowerStore X technology for edge, ROBO, and core data center environments. Well, that just got better! In version 2.0 customers can now seamlessly add additional appliances to a PowerStore X cluster enabling seamless vVol mobility. We literally created this technology and now it is being taken to the next level via a non-disruptive software update.

Better Data Reduction Capabilities

Always on just got better! Via dynamic software enhancements PowerStore customers can now get even BETTER data reduction. Machine learning also analyzes IO operations in real time constantly optimizing PowerStore performance without compromising data reduction ratios (DRR).

Dynamic Resiliency Engine Dual Parity (DRE-DP)

PowerStore reaches customers at every level, including mission critical financial and service provider environments. These customers asked for dual parity protection and in less than one year Dell Technologies delivered! Not only can PowerStore deliver dual parity resiliency but get this…. we can even deliver MORE usable / effective capacity in large scale DRE-DP configurations.

Storage Class Memory (SCM) Integration

In version 1.0 SCM was an all or nothing scenario, meaning the whole appliance could only use SCM flash modules (Intel Optane). Welcome to 2.0 and the next level! Now PowerStore can leverage as few as ONE SCM module and leverage machine learning to accelerate the back-end meta data providing even MORE performance capabilities.

PowerStore 500

Customers are falling in love with the simplicity, performance, and scalability of PowerStore and that just got better with the all new 500 model. Sitting just underneath the current 1000 flavor, the 500 now offers customers massive scalability in a 2U form factor but with all of the unified, clustering, and SCM integration capabilities.

More Performance — CHECK

More Protection — CHECK

More Resiliency — CHECK

More Scalability — CHECK

More Intelligence — CHECK

More Adaptability — CHECK

More Cost Effective — CHECK

…………………………… PowerStore 2.0 Next Level — Completed….


Take a moment to let all of this sink in. In less than one year of product life PowerStore is being used globally in 60+ countries, has thousands of deployments in mission critical environments, and has now delivered version 2.0 with all of the above additional benefits. This pace of innovation is unparalleled and customers are reaping the benefits. Dell Technologies has done in one year what others have not been able to do in decades.

So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PowerStore. A big thank you to all of our customers and stay tuned…. because there is MUCH more to come in the future; non-disruptively of course ;-).

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