A few weeks ago, we released some big updates for the Kubernetes CSI plugin and our storage portfolio

This blog post will be focusing on the new PowerScale CSI Driver 1.5

CSI Driver for Dell EMC PowerScale v1.5 supports the following new features:

  • Added support for Kubernetes v1.20

  • Added support for OpenShift 4.7 with RHEL and CoreOS worker nodes

  • Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.3

  • Added support for Fedora CoreOS
  • Added support for managing multiple PowerFlex arrays from one driver

  • Support custom networks for NFS I/O traffic

The following describes the support strategy for CSI Driver for Dell EMC PowerScale:

is unsupported and provided solely under the terms of the license attached to the source code. For clarity, Dell EMC does not provide support for any source code modifications.

  • A Dell EMC Storage Automation and Developer Resources page is available and includes developer resources, case studies, forums, and other materials. It is anticipated that members of this page will be excellent resources in addressing product issues and concerns. It is recommended this community page be the first page customers use for their product questions prior to contacting Dell EMC Support. For any setup, configuration issues, questions or feedback, join the Dell EMC Container community at
    Dell EMC Storage Automation and Developer Resources .

CSI Driver for Dell EMC PowerScale v1.5 downloads and documentation are available on https://github.com/dell/csi-powerscale

New features:

Multi cluster support:

You can connect single CSI-PowerScale driver with multiple PowerScale clusters. Pre-Requisistes:

  1. Creation of secret.json with credentials related to one or more Clusters.

  2. Creation of (at least) one Custom Storage classes for each non-default clusters.

  3. Creation of custom-volumesnapshot classes, if corresponding isiPaths differ in custom storage classes.

  4. Inclusion of cluster name in volume handle, if you want to provision existing static volumes.

Support custom networks for NFS I/O traffic:

This feature allows us to specify custom network for NFS traffic in case we have dedicated network for management and storage traffic.

We can edit my-isilon-settings.yaml to set the parameters for the installation and specify the allowed network to support custom networks for NFS I/O traffic

Below, you can watch a demo, showing the new CSI 1.5 version installation and configuration:

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