We have just released our latest (8.6) version of our VMware vCenter plugin.

What is VSI?

Dell EMC Virtual Storage Integrator is a plug-in that extends the VMware vSphere Client, allowing users of the vSphere Client to perform Dell EMC storage management tasks within the same tool they use to manage their VMware virtualized environment.

If you are new to the VSI plugin, i suggest you start by reading about it here What is Dell Technologies PowerStore – Part 17, Managing the array via VMware vCenter with the VSI 8.4 Plugin | Itzikr’s Blog (volumes.blog)

And here Manage your Dell PowerStore array from VMware vCenter, with VSI 8.5 | Itzikr’s Blog (volumes.blog)

What’s new in this version?

  • VSI Management Interface/Initial Setup Wizard

    An initial setup wizard to register VSI with standalone or enhanced link mode group vCenters. Also a new management interface which manages VSI vCenters, Certificates and Plugin Settings outside of the context of the vCenter.

  • Support SSL Certificate Management in Plug-in (UI)
    • Enable and disable SSL connections for each platform.
    • Import, view and delete certificates.
    • Import certificates during Array registration.

  • Remote Plug-in Architecture

    Updated to VMwares Remote-plugin architecture.

  • Host Connectivity (all storage platforms)

    Host Connectivity views to understand if host are registered with the desired storage platforms.

  • PowerStore features
    • Appliance Selection
      • Select appliances during provisioning of VMFS datastore, RDM disk.
      • View appliances in details of datastore, RDM disk

    • Create Thin Clone

    • Refresh datastore using datastore
    • Refresh datastore using snapshot

    • Restore datastore

    • Host Connectivity
      • Add host during storage registration
      • Add host in Storage Systems page
      • View host status in Storage Systems page
      • Remove host

  • Unity features
    • Delete VMFS and vVOL Datastore

    • Create Thin Clone of datastore
    • Create Thin Clone of snapshot
    • Refresh datastore using datastore
    • Refresh datastore using snapshot
    • Copy snapshot
    • Host Connectivity

  • PowerMax features
    • Snapshot Policies

    • Host Connectivity

    • Tasks and Snapshot Enhancements

You can see a demo showing how to deploy and use it below

and if you want to see the demo of the previous version (8.5) and it’s features:

You can download the plugin, by clicking the screenshot below

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