I blogged about RP4VMs many times in the past, if you are new to this software based replication engine, I highly suggest you start by reading about it here

In this new .1 release, we have done some improvements to the scaling and the HTML5 UI”

Scale Improvements
Maximum number of Consistency Groups increased to 512
Maximum of 256 CGs are supported up to this release
Requires minimum of 3 vRPAs of the silver profile – 4 vCPUs / 8GB RAM
Each vRPA can own up to 256 CGs
Optimizations were introduced for group sets containing 512 CGs
Optimizations for multiple concurrent protect operations
Other scale limits remain unchanged

Test and Promote
In the flex plugin, it’s possible to failover or recover production based on image
currently being accessed
Depicted by the option to use current image in the failover/recover prod wizard
The H5 plugin in 5.3 did not have the option so in order to promote a current test
operation to failover/recover prod, the test would need to be stopped
The H5 plugin in 5.3.1 have been enhanced to allow to promote a test operation to
failover or recover production
Through the recovery activities screen
The enhancement is major as it reduces RTO as the user does not need to stop
the test and promote it to failover or recover production
In a case that an actual disaster/ malfunction occurs
Wrong flow was selected – Test instead of Failover / Recover Production
Test and Promote can also be executed via the new RESTful API as well

Failover – Start Transfer
Upon Failover, transfer is started towards the former production copy
In other words, RP4VMs always attempts to start transfer upon failover, even if the
former prod site is down
Up until 5.3.1, the user had no control over transfer
5.3 H5 plugin / new RESTful API and Flex plugin of all versions have always started
Legacy API has an option to prevent that start transfer
In RP4VMs 5.3.1, there is now an option to prevent that start transfer
In the H5 plugin under Recovery Activities
In the new RESTful API by the startTransfer query parameter
Transfer would be started by default

H5 Plugin Improvements
User selection of items per page is now made consistent across screens
For instance, if the user selects 50 items per page in the Consistency Group screen, it would be 50 items per page
when the screen is changed to say, Protected VMs
Adding search option to the journal datastores and target ESXi cluster drop down lists to the
Protect VM screen

Clarity and Angular updates yields in look and feel changes, mainly for table views

Clarity and Angular updates yields in look and feel changes, mainly for table views
No longer showing VMs (like vRPAs) that cannot be protected

RP4VMs 5.3.1 is FIPS compliant
Pending further testing and qualification
TLS 1.2 is now the default in new installs and upgrades
1.1 is disabled but can be enabled via the boxmgmt CLI
Security fixes for plugin server and vRPAs
General fixes for vRPA, splitter and plugin server (plugin and API)
Same supported versions of vSphere as RP4VMs 5.3
vSphere 6.5 and later, including 7.0U1
H5 plugin supported in vSphere 6.7U1 and later

Documentation and Training

Patches, Downloads, Utilities, and Licensing Information:
Link to Product Support Page
Technical Documentation and Product Advisories:
Link to Product Support Page
Demos, Videos, White Papers: Link to Technical Marketing Engineering RecoverPoint for VMs Page

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