In the previous post, we covered the first new feature of PowerProtect 19.5 and it’s ability to restore Kubernetes pods to another namespace.

With this version, we are also starting to achieve application consistent backup of your Kubernetes based containers, specifically, for MySQL and MongoDB

Kubernetes – Application consistent Backup
• Support for Backup for MySQL & MongoDB (not sharded)
o Quiesce, Backup Data & unquiesce
o Template driven (Agentless)
o Support for standalone and MySQL cluster (helm)
o Source will process write requests
o Replica will process read requests
o Data Sync between Source and Replica
• Application Template
o MySQL and MongoDB template
o PreHook to quiesce and PostHook to unquiesce
o Use MySQL/MongoDB password environment variable
o Selector terms to set for Replica and Source set
o ppdmctl available in PPDM 19.5 (/usr/local/brs/lib/cndm/misc/ppdmctl.tar.gz)
o Can be applied to a specific namespace or powerprotect namespace
o Templates can be enabled/disabled using ppdmctl commands

Sample Template – MySql
AppLabel: “app=mysql”
Type: “MYSQL”

PreHook: “DefaultMySQLQuiesce”
PostHook: “DefaultMySQLUnquiesce”


Kind: StatefulSet

o SelectorTerms: {“Name”, “mysql-cluster-Replica“}
o SelectorTerms: {“Name”, “mysql-cluster-Source“}

Database Deployments in Kubernetes

Backup Cluster MYSQL

App-Consistent Backup in PPDM

You can watch a demo how it all looks here

there are also interactive demos showing you a walkthrough on how to run the new features of PowerProtect, including the application consistency backup, click the screenshot below which will take you for the interactive demos

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