We have just released version 19.5 of our enterprise backup software, PowerProtect.

PowerProtect can backup many use cases but i would like to focus on it’s integration with Kubernetes since this is an area that many of our customers are asking about.

I first blogged about PowerProtect integration with Kubernetes here so i highly recommend you start by reading that post and then come back once you read it and watched the demo..back already ? awesome!

In 19.4, support was provided to restore to the original cluster
PPDM 19.5 UI, will support restore to another cluster
o Restore to New Namespace
o Restore to Existing Namespace
Use cases for restore to another cluster
Upgrade and maintenance downtime in source cluster
Moving namespaces from Cluster X with lower version to a Cluster Y with a higher version
Test to Production environment move

Storage Class Mapping
Storage Class mapping is required
o Config map is created and applied in powerprotect namespace/REST API
o UI support for storage class mapping is planned for 19.6 release
o Create/Edit config map using kubectl create/edit configmap : (data:)

Restore k8 options with PPDM

Restore k8 options with PPDM

PPDM capabilities as of today
PPDM users can:
Connect PPDM to k8s clusters, PPDM will discover all namespaces (PPDM assets) and PVCs
Note: PPDM uses Velero as a part of the implementation. Users, however, do not have to deal with Velero deployments and configuration. PPDM
retrieves the Velero distribution and automatically deploys it on the discovered clusters.
Make sure that the PVCs associated to a pod is of same type, a namespace can have a mix
Create PLCs for k8s assets
Backup at the namespace level (ie k8s resources in a namespace and the related PVCs)
Option to exclude PVCs from backups
Adhoc backup support at policy level
Restore to same or to a copy of namespace using GUI/API, Restore to another
Option to just restore PVCs, or to exclude restore of some PVCs
Restore includes configmap, secrets and other resources that are backed up
K8s admins can:
Restore by “kubectl apply” YAML files with backup details
Use dynamic filters for “self-service”
k8s admins can label a namespace with PLC name, PPDM will apply PLC to this namespace

You can see a demo showing how to restore to a new namespace below

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