We have just released a new management pack for VMware vROPS that allow you to monitor the health of Dell Servers directly from the vROPS console.

The first think you need to do, is to download the adapter itself which you can do by clicking the screenshot below

Once the adapter has been downloaded an it’s content, extract, you want to navigate to the Administration -> Repository and install it by clicking the Add / Upgrade button

Once the installation is done, you will see a new management pack installed

The next part is to configure an account to be used, so navigate to other accounts -> add accounts -> Dell EMC OpenManage Adapter

You then want to configure the IP address of the OMIVV appliance that needs to be installed as a pre-requisite, it’s and the vROPS credentials

If you get an error (like the one below), you need to configure extended monitoring at the OMIVV appliance

This is easy, navigate to it’s IP address at the appliance management tab, enable the extended monitoring

That’s it!, you now want to wait a bit and let vROPS do it’s magic and gather all the data, there are many important dashboards, here’s a screenshot of the main one

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