Store, manage and protect unstructured data with efficiency and massive scalability.

Dell EMC Isilon is the industry’s #1 family of scale-out network-attached storage systems, designed for demanding enterprise file workloads. Choose from all-flash, hybrid and archive NAS platforms, as such, we gave a few sessions, as part of Storage Field Day 19 in Santa Clara, CA on January 23, 2020

Dell EMC Project Nautilus Introduction

Ted Schachter, Sr. Advisor, Product Management, introduces Dell EMC Project Nautilus. Dell EMC customers need the ability to capture and analyze fast data from live sensors in their manufacturing and prototyping phases, move it to long term storage, and analyze petabytes of historical data to gain deeper insights from an interconnected platform. They believe that Project Nautilus is the answer, and introduce the Storage Field Day audience to this real-time analytics platform.


Dell EMC Isilon’s Answer to Unstructured Data in the Cloud

Kaushik Ghosh, Director, Product Management, and Callan Fox, Consultant, Product Management, present Dell EMC Isilon in the cloud. As unstructured data grows, organizations are needing to utilize the cloud more than ever. With only approximately 2% of these organizations able to take advantage of it, they discuss why the top three cloud providers came to Dell EMC to help customers get their file data into the cloud. They provide the audience with an overview of the Isilon unstructured data offerings for public cloud, including a preview of their Azure cloud announcement.

Dell EMC Isilon’s Answer to Infrastructure and Data Insights

Kaushik Ghosh, Director, Product Management, and Callan Fox, Consultant, Product Management, introduce Dell EMC Isilon CloudIQ and ClarityNow. These software tools put the insights of the storage and the data in the right hands. These technologies help customers gain user-friendly summaries of the health of their data center, streamlining administrative tasks and alleviating bottlenecks at the Isilon array. ClarityNow, a recent acquisition, gives customers direct insight into their data location, value, and usage.

What Next for Unstructured Data Solutions at Dell EMC?

Kaushik Ghosh, Director, Product Management, discusses the vision for unstructured data from Dell EMC.

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