Isilon, the de-facto scale out NAS platform, so much of it’s Ptb are being used all over the world, no wonder why i’m getting a lot of requests to have the Kubernetes CSI plugin available for it, well, now you have it!

Product Overview:

CSI Driver for Dell EMC Isilon enables integration with Kubernetes, open-source container orchestrator, infrastructure and delivers scalable persistent storage provisioning operations for Dell EMC Isilon storage system.

Highlights of this Release:

The CSI driver for Dell EMC Isilon enables Isilon use as a persistent storage in the Kubernetes clusters. The driver enables fully automated workflows for dynamic and static persistent volume (PV) provisioning and snapshot creation. Driver uses SmartQuotas to limit volume size.


Software Support:

This introductory release of CSI Driver for Dell EMC Isilon supports the following features:

Supports CSI 1.1

  • Supports Kubernetes version 1.14.x
  • Supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 host operating system
  • Persistent Volume (PV) capabilities:
    • Create from scratch
    • Create from snapshot
    • Delete
  • Dynamic PV provisioning
  • Volume mount as NFS export
  • HELM charts installer
  • Access modes:
  • Snapshot capabilities:
    • Create
    • Delete

Volume Snapshots is an Alpha feature in Kubernetes. It is recommended for use only in short-lived testing clusters, as features in the Alpha stage have an increased risk of bugs and a lack of long-term support. See Kubernetes documentation for more information about feature stages.

Refer to Dell EMC Simple Support Matrix for the latest product version qualifications.


CSI Driver for Dell EMC Isilon files and documentation are available for download on:

below you can see a demo about how it all works:

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