Back in December 2018, we had a customer advisory council where we shared our thoughts on our containers strategy. At VMworld 2019, Efri from the Dell Data Protection team shared the Containers Protection plans by talking and demonstrating a tech preview of using Dell EMC PowerProtect to protect containers, note that it doesn’t mean we don’t support taking snapshots of containers to the primary storage array, that is of course already supported but the idea here is to offload the backup to another device with a proper backup catalog and everything you can think about when dealing with enterprise backup polices.

If you think about it, with the power of Dell Technologies and VMware we should have the IP assets to come up with such an integration and that exact what we are doing, we are leveraging VMware Velero IP and adding our own magic sauce on (and in) it to allow our PowerProtect product to backup containers.

The Cube Interview:

A vBrownBag session:

like any future demonstration, please note that future features are subject to change

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