We have just released the 4.0 version of the plugin, I’m thankful for all the customers that are using it and showing us that the way forward is to automate everything!

This version brings the support for XIOS 6.3 as well as additional workflows for native replication and QoS. we have also introduced the concepts of low-level objects which greatly expands what can be done in vRO with XtremIO Storage.

In this release, there’re about 180 predefined workflows within XtremIO vRO plugin, including array configuration, storage provisioning, storage management, and vSphere-integrated workflows.

This allows users and storage admins to complete most common storage operations from vRealize Orchestrator automatically well as integrating those existing workflows and actions to create customized workflows, and by doing so, to handle both day I and day II operations to meet your specific automation needs, without the need to login to each storage array.

You can download the workflow user guide from https://support.emc.com/docu92210_XtremIO_Plugin_for_VMware_vRealize_Orchestrator_4.0.0_Workflows_User_Guide.pdf?language=en_US&source=Coveo

And the installation and configuration guide from https://support.emc.com/docu92209_XtremIO_Plugin_for_VMware_vRealize_Orchestrator_4.0.0_Installation_and_Configuration_Guide.pdf?language=en_US&source=Coveo

You can download the new plugin by clicking the screenshot below

You can watch a short recording of a workflow and it’s integration to vRA here

and a longer (more detailed) one, here

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