VMware have just released a new version of SRM (8.2), it’s a pretty big release because for the first time, the SRM server itself can now run within an photon OVA as oppose to the windows server it had to run in previous version. You may ask yourself what’s the big deal, well:

  • You can now save on the windows server licensing costs.
  • Deployment is a breeze.
  • Updates to the SRM software will be literally a click of a button.

But that’s only one big change, the other one, is that now, the SRA (storage replication adapter) which is the glue between vCenter to the storage array is actually running as a docker image Inside the SRM appliance. Here at Dell EMC we were busy working on it and I’m proud to announce the day 0 support for SRM 8.2 and our XtremIO & Unity arrays (other arrays will follow shortly).

Apart from the SRA support, we have also certified our unique pit (point in time) integration with SRM 8.2, this feature will allow you to specify a specific pit to test or failover to when using SRM, think about it, let’s say you have a logical data corruption or a malware infection etc, it’s not enough to run a failover to the DR site, you want to actually failover to a point in time BEFORE the data corruption and we provide you just that with XtremIO, SRM and our free vCente plugin (VSI 7.4)

You can download SRM 8.2 clicking the screenshot below

You can download the new SRAs (one for the classic windows SRM or the new, photon based SRA) from clicking the screenshot below

And finally, you can download the VSI plugin from here (click the screenshot below)

Below you can see a demo showing you how it all works

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