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Back in December 2018, I wrote a blog post which explains our company plans for containers integration, if you are new to all of this and really want to get a good “brief of history” about the early attempts that led us here, I strongly encourage you to have a read first here

read it? Good!

Today, I’m pleased to announce the global availability of the XtremIO / Kubernetes CSI 1.0 plugin, we have created you a bunch of collateral materials to get you started so you don’t need to guess anything but before that

The plugin itself can be downloaded from docker hub (click the screenshot below) but of course, you are going to pull it from the servers that are going to run it.

The deployment scripts which the plugin will pull can be located at GitHub, it will also contain the overview and the details of what exactly is supported

We have created couple of demos that will show you everything from installing it to use it’s basic & advanced capabilities


This part will show both the online installation and the offline one, will examine how the plugin will automatically create the host initiator group and / or use an existing one



Dell EMC XtremIO with Kubernetes CSI – Provisioning and Scaling the running Application

This demo with show the basic operations of the plugin, provision volumes, bring up a modern DB such as YugaByte , create load on it and then, use the XtremIO to scale out the application workload, it will also show how the plugin is smart enough to use the XtremIO cluster with the least minimum space to provision the volumes from. Lastly, it will show the advanced XtremIO QoS (quality of service) to assign different IOPs policy per a container!


Dell EMC XtremIO with Kubernetes CSI – Protecting your running container

this demo will deploy a Microsoft SQL server 2019, running on linux, we will then take a snapshot using the CSI plugin, delete some records form the DB and use the CSI plugin to restore the DB from the snapshot we took!




we have also created you some white papers, the first one, is a short, data sheet explaining the plugin, click the screenshot below to download it

The second one, is a very comprehensive white paper that will walk you through, soup to nuts, about the functionality and how to use the plugin, click the screenshot below to download it

Lastly, none of this was available without the amazing teams from Israel and St.Petersburg, you are awesome!

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