To effectively run today’s data centers, you need to manage both physical and virtual infrastructure. This means using multiple disconnected tools and processes to manage your environment, wasting valuable time and resources.

Dell has created a solution to address this problem while increasing task automation right from within the virtualization management console that you use most, VMware vCenter. The OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter is a virtual appliance that streamlines tools and tasks associated with the management and deployment of Dell servers in your virtual environment.

OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV) is designed to streamline the management processes in your data center environment by allowing you to use VMware vCenter to manage your entire server infrastructure – both physical and virtual. From monitoring system level information, bubbling up system alerts for action in vCenter, rolling out firmware updates to an ESXi cluster, to bare metal deployment, the OpenManage Integration will expand and enrich your data center management experience with Dell PowerEdge servers.

Fixes & Enhancements

1. Security fixes for known vulnerabilities in components consumed in OMIVV appliance:
a. Fixed BEAST (CVE-2011-3389) vulnerability issue in OMIVV appliance.
b. Fixed NFS Shares World readable and – NFS Exported Share Information Disclosure (CVE-1999-0170, CVE-1999-0211, CVE-1999-0554)
c. CentOS 6 : kernel (CESA-2018:2390) (Foreshadow)
d. CentOS 6 : kernel (CESA-2018:1854) (Spectre)
e.Oracle Java SE Multiple Vulnerabilities (July 2018 CPU) (Unix)
2. Fix to report NVMe disks present in the host in OMIVV.
3. Fix to support special characters in CIFS share password.
4. Fix to show BOSS related RAID attributes in System Profile.

1. Support for the following:
a. PowerEdge MX7000 modular infrastructure
– PowerEdge MX740c and PowerEdge MX840c servers.
– Chassis and Servers management using unified Chassis Management IP
– Standalone and Multi-Chassis Configuration deployment modes of PowerEdge MX7000 chassis.
b. PowerEdge R940XA
2. Enhancement in Chassis Profile test connection flow to make it automated.
3. Support for OEM servers for OMIVV workflows.
4. Support for vSphere 6.7U1 and vSphere 6.5U2.
5. The following enhancements in the Firmware Update workflow:
a. Support to perform Clear Job Queue and reset iDRAC while creating a Firmware Update job.
b. Support to provide Custom Online Catalog location for a firmware update.
c. Support for HTTPS as default communication with domains.
6. Enhanced support in the OS deployment workflow:
a. OS deployment management network on PCI NICs.
b. OS deployment on the BOSS disk.
7. Support to report Remaining Rated Write Endurance metrics for SSD in OMIVV.

You can download the new OVA from here (click the screenshot below)

Updating from 4.2 to 4.3

if you are already using the 4.2 version, you can update it to 4.3, directly from the appliance management, simply browse to the appliance management url, create a backup of the existing configuration, then go to “Appliance Management” -> “Update”

if the appliance can see the internet, it will prompt you for the new version..

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