To improve competitiveness in a fast-paced world, organizations are embracing software as a prime differentiator. A software-driven business is more agile and efficient, innovates faster, and responds dynamically to changing market and customer demands. Increasingly, gaining these compelling advantages requires adopting cloud-native applications.

Building and maintaining a proper cloud platform (for example, life-cycle management, troubleshooting issues, etc.) on premises, by yourself can be capital-intensive and difficult, as most organizations do not have the required skills. Going to a public cloud is an option for some, but those with sensitive data, or compliance and performance requirements, may not want to take the risk. In either case, you need to devote special attention to ensuring high availability of your cloud-native applications, which requires a specialized set of skills.

Hybrid cloud solutions have historically focused on bridging infrastructure aspects of the enterprise data center with public clouds. By stretching compute, storage, and networking layers between the two, the notion of hybrid cloud has enabled new use cases, requiring better redundancy, elasticity and security.

The public cloud has since pressed forward to offer a wider and wider range of cloud (platform) services, ranging from container orchestration to analytics, and big data processing to managed database services.

In order for businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their cloud strategies, hybrid cloud solutions must evolve to something beyond simply infrastructure. Hybrid cloud solutions must now encompass the same types of cloud services as those powering applications that are born in the public cloud.

In this white paper, we present a solution that provides the robust capabilities and built-in high availability that you need for cloud-native applications; the combination of Dell EMC XtremIO X2 all-flash storage platform and Stratoscale’s hybrid cloud solution.

The paper details the features of this integrated solution around high availability and scalability for the applications and the platforms. Therefore, you can take your most critical cloud-native applications from development to production using this solution, with complete confidence.

With this proven cloud platform, organizations can accelerate their digital business objectives via cloud-native applications, from development through testing and into production, on a single platform, with ease and agility. Most importantly, eliminating the risk of application downtime preserves critical revenue streams, helps ensure customer satisfaction and strengthens your competitive advantage.

You can read the full white paper by clicking the screenshot below

You can also watch a video on how it all works by clicking the video below

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