Dell EMC XtremIO is a market-leading, purpose-built, all-flash array that offers consistently high performance with low latency, unmatched storage efficiency with inline, all-the-time data services, rich application, integrated copy services and
unprecedented management simplicity. It is designed from the ground up to unlock flash technology’s instant performance potential by uniquely leveraging the characteristics of SSDs, and uses advanced inline data reduction methods to reduce
the physical data that must be stored. XtremIO’s storage system uses industry-standard components and custom designed intelligent software to deliver unparalleled levels of performance, achieving consistent low latency for up to
millions of IOPS.

XtremIO has always provided simple, easy-to-use management. The XtremIO Management Server (XMS) delivers an HTML5 user interface that is a simple and easy-to-use interface for storage administrators. XMS allows storage administrators the ability to provisions storage with very little setup and planning.
XtremIO is designed and optimized for databases and for DBAs, providing the following benefits.

Predictable Performance
XtremIO provides predictable and consistency low-latency performance. With XtremIO scale-up and scale-out architecture, year-to-year growth is easy. Initial investment is preserved and application performance is improved. The
performance is predictable and provides sub-millisecond response times regardless of the workload and environment – be it production, QA, test or development.

Incredible simplicity
With XtremIO, there is no need for planning and tuning the location and number of database files. XtremIO is a real scaleup / scale-out and N-active-active storage controller architecture in which all the array volumes are served by all array resources. All DBA tasks are fast and simple with 1 to 3 steps.

The typical enterprise applications require multiple copies such as test/development, reporting or online analytics. DBAs and test/dev engineers often have to spend hours managing the DB creation and refreshing the environments while often
being limited by capacity, performance and number of copies. XtremIO’s Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) allows for instant XtremIO Virtual Copies (XVCs) to be created from production with no performance impact. These copies can be repurposed for near real time analytics, test/dev and any other use case- all with complete space efficiency.

Protecting the database is easy with XtremIO. There is no need for any design covering RAID type, data file capacity, load balancing, and tuning. The data is protected with a proprietary flash-optimized algorithm called XtremIO Data Protection
(XDP). XDP is very different from RAID in several ways. Since XDP is always working within an all-flash storage array, several criteria were important in the design of this protection scheme. XDP benefits include ultra-low capacity overhead,
high levels of data protection in case of double SSD failure, rapid rebuild times, flash endurance, and of course extreme performance.

With XtremIO virtual copies it is easy to protect and recover from any operational and logical corruption; XVC’s allow the creation of frequent point-in-time copies (according to RPO intervals – seconds, minutes, hours) and use them to recover from any data corruption. An XVC can be kept in the system for as long as needed. Recovery using XtremIO virtual copy is instantaneous and does not impact system performance.

You can download the white paper by clicking the screenshot below

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