We have just released the XtremIO X2 SRA for VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager)!

The SRA can be downloaded from here


or by clicking the screenshot below

Critical business processes require data replication for various purposes such as data protection or production environment duplication for development, testing, analytics or operations.

Data replication over the wire requires many customers to compromise either on RPO (Recovery Point Objective) or bandwidth cost for transferring the high throughput generated by the applications. This is even more acute with All Flash Array high throughput.

While there are several approaches for replication, they all fundamentally struggle with RPO, limited performance and complex operational processes, forcing customers to make tradeoffs between RPO and cost.

XtremIO leverages its unique content addressable storage, in-memory metadata and copy data management implementation to offer the most efficient solution by replicating unique data only. This unique implementation significantly reduces bandwidth and storage array utilization. Furthermore, XtremIO simplifies the replication management for all use cases.

Data center consolidation by way of x86 virtualization is a trend that has gained tremendous momentum and offers many benefits. Although the physical nature of a server is transformed once it is virtualized, the necessity for data protection remains. Virtualization opens the door to new and flexible opportunities in data protection, data recovery, replication, and business continuity. This document offers best practices for automated disaster recovery of virtualized workloads using Dell EMC™ XtremIO X2 all flash arrays, native replication, and VMware® Site Recovery Manager™ (SRM) with varying levels of consistency.

Dell EMC® XtremIO Storage Replication Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRA) allows VMware SRM to implement disaster recovery for XtremIO clusters. Dell EMC® XtremIO SRA supports SRM functions such as failing over, failing back, and failover testing using XtremIO XMS as the replication engine.

For those who wants to understand how the solution is working end-to-end, we have also just published a new and very comprehensive white paper about the topic, the white paper can be downloaded clicking the screenshot below

Demos.. you can also SEE how it’s all working by watching the demos I’ve created

One more thing..

next month, we will release a new version of the virtual storage integrator (VSI), which will allow you to set a specific point in time snapshot when working with VMware SRM, this is unique in the array based replication (ABR) support for SRM and here’s a teaser screenshot of it 🙂

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