At Dell Technologies World 2018, we have announced a new member of the X2 family, known as “X2-T”, this is a lower cost configuration designed for the entry level markets

X2-T comes in a single X-Brick configuration that scales from 34.5TB raw up to 69.1TB raw or 369TB effective capacity given a 6:1 storage efficiency.

It’s perfect for customers requiring a single X-Brick with small capacity (100 to 200TBe) but expect limited growth and still require the high-performance with low latency of X2. Memory upgradeable to X2-R should unplanned growth occur..

X2-T Scales up to a “Full” X2-R by purchasing additional memory to scale beyond 1 X-Brick. This allows Dell EMC to capture market-share in high-end midrange while protecting enterprise business. X2-T delivers an attractive price for 100TB Effective as an entry point for XtremIO

X2-T Entry Specifications

  • Single X-Brick with reduced memory only… but upgradeable to full X2-R after purchasing memory expansion
  • Base X-Brick includes 18 SSD which is about 104 TB effective capacity at 3.75:1
  • Scale up to 36 SSDs / 231.5 TB of effective capacity in increments of 6 SSDs at a time.
  • Scale Out or scale UP capacity beyond 36 SSD with memory expansion

Effective capacity stated is based on typical field results of 3.75:1 storage efficiency on XtremIO X2 platform.

For customers who decide to start with an X2-T, there is a price premium scaling up to an X2-R versus purchasing an initial X2-R base.

You can hear Dan Inbar talks about it here

a common question that we get in the field is “does X2-T lacks any features like snapshots and / or native replication”?>

The short (and the long answer is no!), X2-T is running the exact same OS (XIOS) has it’s other brothers, X2-R and X2-S and is not limited in any of it’s functionality, it’s really just a lower price point for customers who want’s to use XtremIO and are not willing to compromise on other products deficiencies like snapshots, true inline deduplication / compression etc’

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