We have just released the vCenter plugin which I constantly use all the time to manage my Dell servers lifecycle (firmware updates, profiling, bare metal deployments etc’)

The release highlights of OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 4.2.0 are:

  • Existing Cluster Aware Update is enhanced to support vSAN clusters. It supports driver and firmware updates.
  • Ability to baseline vSAN cluster for driver, firmware, and hardware configuration and drift detection
  • Ability to include/exclude attributes for System profile
  • Support for new 14th generation platforms
  • Support for SMB2 CIFS
  • Support for OMSA 9.1
  • Support for vSphere 6.7

Some fixes are also available:

  • Multiple ports of same NIC is listed for firmware update
  • OS Driver Pack DUP update fails
  • DRS Check during firmware update
  • Connection profiles missing
  • vCenter Restart during Proactive HA registration
  • Security Updates
  • Granular privilege for iDRAC Lockdown Mode


You can go to the support page by clicking the screenshot below

You can access the download link by going to your server support page, for example, I’m using a Dell PowerEdge M630

And you can also use the direct download link below


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