We have just released the 7.3 version of the plugin, in short, this version is all about performance and security

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities, including microprocessor side-channel attacks. For more information, refer to KB516117


There is a lot of behind the scene optimizations for this version and even though it looks identical to previous versions, we heard you very clear when you asked us to improve the performance of the operations that can be done using the VSI plugin, some examples

Other Enhancements

  • Support for configurable SIS logging with automatic roll-over and compression
  • Support for password authentication only when registering the SIS in Plugin.Token authentication is no longer supported
  • Support for optimizing the settings for cloning of XtremIO volumes (OptimalMaxHwTransferSize) according to best practices for XtremIO X1 or X2
  • Support for optimizing the disk setting SchedNumReqOutstanding according to best practices for the vSphere version and HBA LUN queue depth
  • Performance enhancements on various features
    • Array selection during datastore/RDM disk provisioning
    • Initiator Group selection during XtremIO datastore/RDM disk provisioning
    • XtremIO datastore/RDM disk properties viewing
    • Host level datastore viewing
    • Host level VMAX datastore viewing
    • Host level VMAX LUN viewing
    • The dialog/wizard rendering for datastore provisioing via VPLEX VIAS, path management, VVol datastore provisioning, taking snapshot and creating snapshot scheduler
    • Snapshots viewing and snapshot schedulers viewing

You can find the software and documentation below

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