We have just released our new SAP HANA certification paper for X2, the reason X2 is the best platform for this workload is due to the core performance you can get from the scale out architecture AND the best snapshots (XVC) implementation in the industry that allows you to consolidate your production and non-production environments on the same XtremIO cluster

If you are new to the XtremIO snapshots (XVC) mechanism, I highly recommend that you start by reading this post

DellEMC XtremIO X2 Part4, Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) Or, Not All Snapshots Are Born (or die) Equal

Read it? Understand why we have the best snapshots implementation on the industry? Cool!

Most customers run a mix of production and non-production SAP HANA systems in their environment. Use the following examples to determine the number of SAP HANA nodes that can be connected:

Example 1
1 X-Brick cluster, maximum seven  production SAP HANA nodes:

  • Running three production SAP HANA nodes
  • Remaining four unused slots for production SAP HANA nodes
  • Up to six additional non-production SAP HANA nodes possible (4 x 1.5)
  • Check the style guidelines on numerals.

In some environments, customers might plan to run mixed (production and non-production) SAP HANA systems, as well as non-HANA workloads like traditional SAP Netweaver or non-SAP workloads. It is important to understand the workload characteristics and requirements of the non-HANA workload to avoid a negative impact on the SAP HANA performance.

An XtremIO X2 1-Brick cluster can provide 6 GB/s bandwidth with 100 percent reads and approximately 1.8 GB/s bandwidth with 100 percent writes. The maximum read KPI for an SAP HANA node is 400 MB/s, while the maximum write KPI is 200 MB/s.

1 X-Brick Cluster:

Three production SAP HANA nodes

  • 3 x 400 MB/s read = 1200 MB/s read bandwith required
  • 3 x 200 MB/s write = 600 MB/s write bandwidth required

Three non-production SAP HANA nodes (divide KPIs by 1.5):

  • 3 x 267 MB/s = 801 MB/s read bandwidth required
  • 3 x 133 MB/s = 399 MB/s write bandwidth required

Total SAP HANA bandwidth requirements:

  • Approximately 2 GB/s read (1200 + 801)
  • Approximately 1 GB/s write (600 + 399)

Bandwidth available for non-HANA workloads:

  • Read: 6 GB/s – 2 GB/s = 4 GB/s
  • Write: 1.6 GB/s – 1 GB/s = 600 MB/s

Dell EMC recommends that you regularly monitor mixed environments and verify the performance of the SAP HANA production nodes.

The certification guide (which is also a white paper), can be downloaded from the link below (click the screenshot)

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