One of the key area we were focusing on building X2 and X1 for that matter is the analytic capabilities of the array, XtremIO already have an amazing easy to use UI but we wanted to expose as much as information as possible so you can understand your workloads, this is the first step in the journey to machine learning..

Did you ever want to track the weekly patterns of your traffic?

Did you ever want to track the weekly patterns of your traffic? To understand on which days and hours of the week is your arrays IOPs at its peak? To understand if these peaks are new or have been appearing consistently over a period of time? And how great would it be if you can track these peaks not only at the cluster level but also at the specific volume, application or host level?

The XtremIO WebUI weekly patterns reporting widget tracks, calculates and reports on the weekly patterns of the cluster and on any storage object in the system.

The Weekly patterns widget is found in the Overview report:

The weekly patterns shows on an hourly weekly basis the relative traffic (IOPS). The weekly patterns is based on an 8 weeks hourly average. The weekly patterns leverages a heat map blue color scheme. A dark blue filled hour (see above) means that this hour has a relative high IOPS rate. A light blue means that the IOPS at this hour is low. In the above example, we see that during all days of the week, the IOPS peaks during the working hours between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Nightly activity can be seen during the weekend evenings from about 6:00 PM till 11:00 PM.

Did you ever want to monitor your traffics trends?

Do you ever want to track the over-time trends of your traffic? To understand the changes over time just click on the Change button that appears at the top of the Weekly Patterns widget.

The relative changes (either going up or down) of the past week relative to the past 8 weeks is displayed. If there is no major change, meaning that in the past week, the hourly pattern did not change relative to the past 8 weeks, then there will be no up/down arrow indication. However, if there is a rise/drop in the traffic of this week relative to the past 8 weeks, a visual arrow indication will appear.

Drill down to a specific hour

If you want to drill down to see the traffic of a selected hour, just click on that hour.

The click will automatically open the Overview report for this specific hour. In the overview report you can see the BW, IOPS and Latency of the selected hour for the past week.

View Weekly Patterns for any object in the system

If you want to view the weekly patterns of a selected storage object, just open the Context Selector and select the object.

Once the Context Selector is open, you can filter and select your object. In this example, the VDI Volume is selected:

After selecting the object, the Overview report with its Weekly Patterns will be opened:


The Weekly Patterns is one of the advanced out-of-the-box analytics reports that are provided in the XtremIO WebUI. Check out the XtremIO WebUI to review additional reporting insights and intelligence provided with the XtremIO cluster.

Below, you can watch a demo showing you the weekly pattern widget

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