New minor release of RP4VMs 5.1, this release contains the following fixes

Issue number Product feature Problem summary Found in version Fixed in version KBA
144676 RP4VM When trying to replicate a virtual machine to an existing virtual machine, getting an error message:

Failed to find suitable target VMs with identical

disk configuration 5.1 P1 502485
145005 RP4VM When guestNicInfo network name is unset, and the Eth network is DVSwitch port, the DGUI will get 2 different names for the same

VLAN, therefore DGUI will fail to install.

5.1 5.1 P1 WIP
145174,145602 RP4VM Network Disconnections 5.1 5.1 P1 504101
145535 RP4VM On VDS network, after upgrade to 5.1, network could be disconnected. 5.1 5.1 P1 504096
145547 RP4VM After upgrading to 5.1, the following event is issued in the Virtual Center on RecoverPoint for VMs shadow VM that have EFI firmware configured:

This virtual machine has insufficient memory to

boot with EFI firmware, which requires a minimum of

96 MB. Please increase the virtual machine’s memory

and try again.

The virtual machine stayed powered off even though the Power on task succeeded.

5.1 5.1 P1 504098
145562 RP4VM After upgrading to 5.1, the following event was issued in the Virtual Center on RecoverPoint for VMs shadow VM.

No operating system was found. If you have an

operating system installation disc, you can insert

the disc into the system’s CD-ROM drive and restart

the virtual machine.

The virtual machine continually restarted in order to find the OS, causing CPU spikes on the ESX.

5.1 5.1 P1 503392
145574 RP4VM During migration to 5.1, the shadow networks were replaced with replica networks. 5.1 5.1 P1 WIP
145623 RP4VM When attempting to recover the production VM after it was deleted (missing from the Vcenter inventory\deleted from datastore), RecoverPoint fails to recreate the production VM to synchronize the changes. 5.1 5.1 P1 504106
145691 RP4VM During failover process, user prompts appeared on web client stating that:

Error: The imported network configuration cannot be

applied. Dismiss this message if you want the startup

sequence to continue. If you do not want the

start-up sequence to continue, click the Close

button to disable image access.

5.1 5.1 P1 503632


RP4VM Floppy and boot order issues. Virtual machine repetitively restarted, enable image access failed to load replica VM. 5.1 5.1 P1 No KBA
145805 RP4VM Reboot regulation due to many replication crashes with journal compression enabled when using snapshot consolidation. 5.1 5.1 P1 503581

as always, the new release can be downloaded from below (click the screenshot)

The link to the RecoverPoint for VMS  release notes is: Release Notes

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