We have just released the 7.1 version of our vSphere vCenter plugin, if you are new to the VSI plugin, I highly suggest you start with these posts here




VSI enables VMware administrators to provision and manage the following EMC storage systems for VMware ESX/ESXi hosts:

  • EMC Unity™
  • EMC UnityVSA™
  • EMC ViPR® software-defined storage
  • EMC VMAX All Flash
  • EMC VMAX3™
  • EMC eNAS storage
  • EMC VNX® series storage
  • EMC VNXe1600™ and VNXe3200™ storage
  • EMC VPLEX® systems
  • EMC XtremIO® storage

Tasks that administrators can perform with VSI include storage provisioning, storage mapping, viewing information such as capacity utilization, and managing data protection systems. This release also supports EMC AppSync®, EMC RecoverPoint®, and EMC PowerPath®/VE.

New features and Changes

This release of VSI includes support for the following:

  • VMware vSphere Web Client version 6.5 tolerance
  • Multiple vCenter server IP addresses

  • Restoring deleted virtual machines or datastores using AppSync software

  • Space reclamation with no requirement to provide the ESXi host credential (vSphere Web Client 6.0 or later)

  • Viewing storage capacity metrics when provisioning VMFS datastores on EMC XtremIO storage systems

  • Enabling and disabling inline compression when creating VMFS datastores on EMC Unity storage systems version 4.1.0 or later
  • Space reclamation on Unity storage systems
  • Extending Unity VVol datastores
  • Viewing and deleting scheduled tasks, such as space reclamation, from the VSI plug-in
  • Enabling and disabling compression on NFS datastores on VMAX All Flash/VMAX3 eNAS devices
  • Viewing the compression property of a storage group when provisioning VMFS datastores on VMAX All Flash storage systems
  • Path management on Unity storage arrays using VMware NMP and EMC
  • PowerPath/VE version 6.1 or later

you can download VSI 7.1 from here https://download.emc.com/downloads/DL82021_VSI_for_VMware_vSphere_Web_Client_7.1.ova?source=OLS



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  1. it there a way from the VSI 7.1 to reclimate storage space with vcenter 6.0u2?
    got vplex v2 Metro with firmware 6.0u1 with XIO ver 4.0.15-24
    when right click on Metro vmfs nothing realy heppend/
    when right click on XIO volume its workin but no Mtero cluster reclimate.

    is vsi7.1 or vsi generly support reclemate with XIO and VPLEX metro?


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