I’m very happy to accounce we have just released Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) 6.8!

If you have been living under a rock for the past 6 years, this is our vCenter (web) plugin that you can use to manage all of the EMC arrays, in the context of XtremIO there are so many things you can do with it that I’m using in a daily basis to manage my vSphere lab, oh, and it’s free which is always good.

If you want an overview of what the plugin does, you can start by reading here:



so, what’s new in 6.8

Yep, the number 1 request was to support VSI in a vCenter linked mode configuration, that is now supported.

Multiple vCenters Support – Overall

Multiple vCenters Support – VSI 6.8 Scope

All features related to XtremIO

Multiple vCenters Support – Preconditions

vCenters are configured in linked mode.
ŸDeploy VSI plugin to every single vCenter in
linked mode group.

Quality Improvements

Viewing XtremIO-based Datastore/RDM Disk Properties

Take several minutes to retrieve XtremIO-based datastore/RDM disk properties.
Optimize the algorithm to quickly match the underlying registered XtremIO array for datastore/RDM disk
Apply batch API/multiple threads to retrieve volumes/snapshots from XtremIO array.

Space Reclamation gets stalled

space reclamation task seen as ongoing in the vCenter tasks.
this has now been resolved.

VMware SRM Pairing fails

Upon trying to pair the SRM servers, you get a “token” error
this has now been resolved.

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  1. already downloading.
    im a junkey of VSI .
    goes well with XIO and VPLEX on metro cluster save a lot of time on hte config side of etch system.


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