We have just GA’d a new service pack for EMC AppSync, as you probably already know, Copy Data Managemnet (CDM) is a key components of the XtremIO architecture, it is so big and so different than anything else that is out there that many customers are using XtremIO just for that.

But, what good does a CDM architecture and features if you don’t have an integral software the links between the storage array technology to the applications it needs to protect & repurpose. This is where Appsync comes in, if you are new to Appsync, I encourage you to start reading about it here first



EMC AppSync offers a simple, SLA-driven, self-service approach for protecting, restoring, and cloning critical Microsoft and Oracle applications and VMware environments. After
defining service plans (such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze), application owners can protect, restore, and clone production data quickly with item-level granularity by using the
underlying EMC replication technologies. AppSync also provides an application protection monitoring service that generates alerts when the SLAs are not met.
AppSync supports the following applications and storage arrays:
Applications — Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and VMware VMFS and NFS datastores, file systems, and Oracle application for NFS.
Storage — VMAX, VMAX 3, VNX (Block and File), VNXe, XtremIO, and ViPR Controller
Replication Technologies—VNX Advanced Snapshots, VNXe Unified Snapshot, SRDF, TimeFinder, SnapVX, RecoverPoint, XtremIO Snapshot, and ViPR Snapshot

ok, here’s what’s new in 2.2 SP3

lService pack full install.
Until AppSync 2.2.2, service pack was always an upgrade install. However, AppSync 2.2.3 supports full install.
Unmount callout script for AIX file system.
CLI enhancements include:
Repurposing refresh
Mount option for mounting all file system copies that are protected together (include_all_copies=true)
Expire option to remove a copy which has multiple associated copies
Unmount option to specify latest or oldest mounted copy
XtremIO specific fixes.
If you are on XtremIO 4.0.2, it is recommended that you upgrade to AppSync 2.2.3 because it includes critical XtremIO specific fixes.
Improved support for Linux MPIO user friendly names.
Supports VMAX Hudson HYPERMAX OS: 5977.809.784 with SMI-S 8.2.
Supports VMAX Indus HYPERMAX OS: 5977.691.684 with SMI-S 8.1.2.
Supports VMAX All Flash Arrays – 450F and 850F Models.
Supports RecoverPoint with SRM flag set in RecoverPoint Consistency Groups.
Supports RecoverPoint 4.4.
Supports RedHat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, and CentOS 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2.
Supports IBM AIX 7.2.
Supports VERITAS VxVM 7.0, VCS 7.0, and VxFS 6.2, 7.0

Fixed issues (in 2.2 SP3)

URM00105205: Fixed issues with SUDO user permissions that were leading to host deployment failure.

URM00104744: Resolves the Mail Recipient field becoming null after rediscovery of Exchange host.

URM00104571: Added support to show Phase pits and corresponding events for the time period as configured by the user.

URM00105382: Addressed an issue of Mount failure when multiple Initiators from different ESX servers into a same Initiator groups for XtremIO.

URM00105041: Fixes the issue during create copy of exchange differential copy in VMAX V3 storage arrays.

URM00104870: This fixes timeout issue while creating remote copies of VNX file.

URM00105329: Addressed an issue where 1st gen copy of RAC database cannot be mounted if redo logs in separate ASM disk group.

URM00105066: Addresses an issue of RP bookmark copy not getting deleted from AppSync, even when the bookmark gets deleted from RPA.

URM00105450: Fixes optimistic lock exception when expire the VNX snapshots.

URM00105360: Fixes the issue of unable to get options “data only” and “log only” of Exchange database restore wizard.

URM00104609: Provided a fix to avoid indefinite wait by AppSync server for a response from Array.

URM00104799: Fixes a problem of AppSync Host Plugin hotfix hang on non-English machines.

URM00105077: Fixed an issue with SUDO user that leads to append extra sudo before the command execution.

URM00104906: Resolved timeout issue during RP bookmark creation.

URM00105258: Rectified a problem of Virtual Machine being detected as physical host.

URM00105278: Added a fix that will remove extra blank lines from the command output of powermt display.

URM00105281: Fixed an issue of Oracle 12c agent installation prevents discovery of hosts.

URM00105342: Fixed the mapping issue in case of Oracle DB created with UDEV rules.

URM00105629: Fix provided to validate RecoverPoint bookmarks for a CG before restore operation proceeds.

URM00105464: Fixes a device cleanup issue after unmounting a copy on AIX machine.

URM00105759: Fixed timeout issue while running fsck at mount time.

URM00105546: Fixed the discovery issue during mount.

URM00105501: Fixed PowerPath cleanup during unmount and enhanced CLI to mount all filesystem copies that are protected together.

URM00105607: Special characters in XtremIO 3.0 for folder name is handled for expire.

URM00105798: Addressed the unexpected Error while trying to delete an RPA.

URM00105538: Addressed performance issue with Oracle ASM mount with recove


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