Hi, One of my favorite products in the EMC portfolio has just GA’d with a new version, one that I’m truly excited about! If you are not familiar with what RP4VMs is, a good place to start will be here


got it? Still here? Great, here’s what’s new

The first thing that was completely re-done was the deployment wizard, it’s replacing the classic deployment manager, fully web based and integrated into the vRPA, to start the deployment, you simply browse to the vRPA with https://IP/WDM Instead of bothering you with more text / slides, you can see a demo I recorded here

Some of the plugin enhancements are the ability to go back after the deployment and validate the registered ESXi hosts for potential issues, RP4VMs will even try to take the extra mile and resolve these issues for you.

Hmm..this one is interesting, RP4VMs currently support the vSCSI API for splitting the IO but in the upcoming version of vSphere and a small upgrade to RP4VMs (coming very soon as well..), it will support the new VMware API known as VIOF (IO Filters).

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