Wow! This year, we @ XtremIO have some really good sessions lined up at VMworld, im so happy that 3 out of the 4 sessions are actually coming from the solutions team which I lead as part of the CTO role. The sessions will go really deep into the weeds so if you are expecting the usual vendor marketing, look elsewhere

EUC4879 – Horizon View Storage – Let’s Dive Deep!

Some people say that if you get the storage right in your VDI environment, everything else is easy! In this fun-filled technical workshop, attendees will receive a wealth of knowledge on one of the trickiest technical elements of a Horizon deployment. This session will cover storage architecture, planning, and operations in Horizon. The session will also profile a new, innovative reference architecture from the team at EMC XtremIO.

Wednesday, Oct 14, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Hall 8.0, Room 21

My take on this session:
Michael is a long runner, he has invested a lot of time in writing up the VDI white paper and if you can see the rest of the team at this session, you know it’s a must if you are planning to do VDI this year, you can see some of the work led to this session here:

VAPP4916 – Virtualized Oracle On All-Flash: A Customer’s Perceptive on Database Performance and Operations In the virtualized infrastructure the new technology wave is all-flash arrays. But today all administrators (virtual, storage, DBA) need to know how changing an essential part of the virtual infrastructure impacts critical applications like Oracle databases. This joint customer and XtremIO presentation acts as a practical guide to using all-flash storage in a virtualized infrastructure. The emphasis will be on value realized by a customer using all-flash together with findings from third party test reports by Principled Technologies. You will learn how all-flash storage is changing performance intensive applications like virtualized databases.

Thursday, Oct 15, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Hall 8.0, Room 38

My take on this session: vinay and sam are the go to people when it comes to DB’s, there so much stuff going in the universe of XtremIO and DBs that youll be amazed how much you can learn just by attending this session!

VAPP5598 – Advanced SQL Server on vSphere

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely deployed “apps” in the market today and is used as the database layer for a myriad of applications, ranging from departmental content repositories to large enterprise OLTP systems. Typical SQL Server workloads are somewhat trivial to virtualize; however, business critical SQL Servers require careful planning to satisfy performance, high availability, and disaster recovery requirements. It is the design of these business critical databases that will be the focus of this breakout session. You will learn how build high-performance SQL Server virtual machines through proper resource allocation, database file management, and use of all-flash storage like XtremIO. You will also learn how to protect these critical systems using a combination of SQL Server and vSphere high availability features. For example, did you know you can vMotion shared-disk Windows Failover Cluster nodes? You can in vSphere 6! Finally, you will learn techniques for rapid deployment, backup, and recovery of SQL Server virtual machines using an all-flash array.

  • Scott Salyer – Director, Enterprise Application Architecture, VMware
  • Thursday, Oct 15, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM – Hall 8.0, Room 24

    My take on this session: wanda is a SQL guru, she can have an entire day just explaining how to properly virtualize MS SQL with XtremIO and vSphere, the foundation for this session is a white paper she’s working on as well, I also know scott from VMware and I even had the pleasure to co-present with him on the same topic some years ago, again DB and XtremIO are like peanut butter and chocolate, do not miss it if you care to know about compression, performance, snapshots etc’!

VAPP6646-SPO – Best Practices for Running Virtualized Workloads on All-Flash Array

All Flash Arrays are taking the storage industry by storm, many customers are leveraging them for virtualizing their data centers, trough the usage of EMC XtremIO, we will start examining the reason this is happening, what are the similarities and differences between the AFA’s architectures, we’ll then go deep into some specific best practices for the following virtualized use cases: 1. Databases, can they benefit from being virtualized on an AFA. 2. EUC, how VDI 1.0 started, what does VDI 3.0 means and how is it applicable for an AFA. 3. Generic workloads being migrated to AFAs

My take on this session: what can I say, this is me I guess but seriously, this session has 2 parts, the first one really goes deep into the different type of AFAs architectures so if you are considering evaluating / buying one, I highly encourage you to attend the session, the 2nd part of the session really goes into the dirty tricks that have to do with AFAs and vSpherre AND more importantly, how to overcome these, even if you are not an XtremIO customer, you will benefit from it as well.

  I hope to see you ALL at VMworld! Itzik

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