Citrix XenDesktop, a leading desktop virtualization platform, offers a variety of desktop image management options including Provisioning Services (PVS) and Machine Creation Services (MCS) for different VDI use cases. EMC XtremIO, the industry’s #1 All-Flash array, delivers uncompromising end-user desktop experience – at scale, all the time, and for any user type – with its scale-out architecture, intelligent content-based addressing, in-memory metadata, inline all the time data reduction technology, unique copy data management and advanced XenDesktop integration.
In this session, we will be discussing how XenDesktop’s advanced image management efficiencies coupled with XtremIO’s unique architectural advantages translate into best price per desktop and drastically lower TCO for VDI deployments large and small. We will also be presenting customer case studies highlighting how organizations can start small and grow incrementally to nearly any scale without any service disruption while maintaining the same end-user experience with scale-out storage. Together, Citrix and XtremIO deliver an unparalleled VDI experience to end-users and administrators alike.

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Psss..wanna see some demos that will be shown in the webcast?

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