one of the best part of this release is the effort we put toward anything related to protection of the data, XtremIO is becoming a general all purpose flash array and as such, customers demands nothing but the best when it comes to protecting their data, lets examine the features:

COPY Data Management

Improve the ease of use and productivity around snapshots, XtremIO will introduce:

•Read only snapshots

•Consistency management (CG)

•Snapshot set

•Local protection using scheduler

•Application aware (Native VSS)

•Refresh and recovery

Snapshots can now be

Read-Write (default)

*NEW* Read-Only snapshots

Read-only are immutable and cannot be changed

Main use case: protection from logical data corruption

New entity: Consistency Group

Manage snapshots on a set of volumes

Members: volumes or snapshots

Snapshot on a CG, creates a cross-consistent point in time snapshots from all members

The result of snapshot on a CG is a Snapshot Set that points to the created snapshots

Snapshot Sets are managed by the CG

New entity: Snapshot Set

An entity that points to related snapshots

Correlate a set of snapshots to a
single snapshot operation

Created as a result of a snapshot on:

Consistency Group

Snapshot Set

Set of volumes


•Auto-creation of snapshots based on

–Supports definition of job (creation, deletion, suspension, modify)

–Each job define the scheduling of:

Snapshot creation

•Exact time

•Or Interval/Frequency

Retention policy (either age or number)

–Supports: CGs, Snapshots Sets, or a Volume


•Restore operation

–Enables recover of data from snapshots

–Allow restore from snapshots that are direct descendent

–Provides immediate Recover Time Objective (RTO)

•Refresh operation

–Enable to refresh/reassign any entity (within a VSG) to any entity

–Supports refresh to any direction

»Prod to snap

»Snap to snap

»Snap to prod

–Instantaneous refresh

•Immediate refresh (no copy of data or metadata)

•Keeps the SCSI face of the refreshed entities

•No change in the SCSI serial ID (NAA)

•No re-mapping

•No OS side device rescan

•Support volume resize (if was changed)

•Only requires to unmount before refresh, remount after refresh

•Create-snapshot command

•Create Snapshot and Reassign

VSS Hardware Provider

Native VSS support for application aware snapshots

•Native support for Volume copy shadow services using XtremIO provider

–Using MS framework to pause application

–Enable the creation of application aware snapshots

–Support for Windows Server 2012R2/2008

–Support all VSS writers

•Simple MSI installation

•Simple configuration

•In the control panel find the XtremIO VSS Panel

•Configure the XMS address and the user

Writers and Requestors

App-Consistent Copy Services


–Full scheduling and automation


–Full orchestration of XtremIO snapshots

–Empowers application administrators


–Policy-based protection

–Database repurposing

–Integration to Micrsoft SQL Server/Exchange

–Integration to Oracle

–Integration to VMware data stores

here’s a demo I recorded showing some of what we discussed above

XtremIO–XDP Redefined

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