A common question that i get is how to apply a Qos at the VM level if and when its needed, this can come because of many reasons

  • you are a service provider and you want to cap your clients
  • you are a customer and you want to prevent a VM going wild “the noisy Neighbor”
  • you have a snapshot volume/VM where you don’t want to allocate the same amount of storage resources to it as you allocate for your “production” VM.

Luckily VMware have made a lot of investment in this front in both vSphere 5.5 and 6.0,

in vSphere 5.5, the default scheduler has changed to mClock scheduler which you can read about more here:


and in vSphere 6.0, it added a “reservation” per VM, the “reservation” part still need to be configured in the VM .vmx file.

i made a video showing all of this, enjoy and i hope you’ll use this feature, it’s really cool!

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