Wow, I cant believe emc world 2015 Is just around the corner, this year will be super big for us at XtremIO, there are so many awesome sessions and who knows, maybe a new product announcements. For your convenience I have put all the sessions related to us and the labs below, you can schedule them here:

Transform Your Real Time Analytics With XtremIO & Splunk In this session, we will discuss how you can transform your real time analytics with Splunk using EMC storage solutions. We will provide technical validation and customer proof points along with a reference architecture using XtremIO and Isilon products. We will discuss benefits of using flash storage for improving performance by placing hot/warm buckets while optimizing the cost using Isilon for cold/frozen buckets.

What’s New With XtremIO For 2015 This session discusses what’s new with XtremIO for 2015 as announced in our 4.0 release. We also discuss the coolest new capabilities and how our beta customers leveraged them, including replication, online cluster expansion, sophisticated new snapshot management, new X-Brick options, expanded cluster options, and new portfolio integrations.

XtremIO: Transforming Your Workloads, Enabling The Agile Data Center This session provides an update on XtremIO and how it is transforming customers’ workloads for agility and tremendous TCO and business benefits. With customer examples and best practices, we will discuss the use cases and benefits for consolidating mixed workloads across database, analytics, business apps, and hybrid cloud. And we will explore customer examples of how these transformed workflows for real-time analytics and agile dev/ops. Specific best practices include converged infrastructure VSPEX & Vblocks, in-memory copy services, data reduction, virtualization, and QoS.

Transforming Agile Software DevOps With XtremIO More than ever, agile development and software DevOps drives critical top-line business impact for customers across a broad range of industries. Learn how XtremIO is fundamentally enabling the next generation of agile DevOps with customer use cases to • Improve developer and overall product quality by providing full copies of production applications & datasets to all developers with zero-overhead XtremIO in-memory copy services • Dramatically accelerate performance across the entire DevOps ecosystem, enabling 1000’s of developers in a real-time • Deliver consistent, predictable performance for developers, automated build systems, and automated QA via sub-millisecond All-Flash DevOps storage • Accelerate adoption of a continual experimentation and learning through rapid repetition of prototyping.

Transformational Technology Inside XtremIO This session provides an overview to the EMC XtremIO all-flash scale-out array and its design objectives. The architecture is discussed and compared to other flash arrays in the market with the goal of helping the audience understand the unique requirements of building an all-flash array, the proper methodology for testing all-flash arrays, and architectural differentiation among flash array features that affect endurance, performance, and consistency across the most demanding mixed workload consolidations.

Data Protection For EMC XtremIO With EMC RecoverPoint (Hands-on Lab) XtremIO is the only scale-out storage array designed from the ground up for flash. In this lab, see how EMC is bringing business continuity and data protection to XtremIO through EMC RecoverPoint. In this lab, users will get an overview of the RecoverPoint 4.1.2 Unisphere interface, learn about RecoverPoint integration with XtremIO, and protecting applications running on XtremIO arrays.

XtremIO In The Wild: Insights, Data Reduction, Performance & Operational Best Practices As the market’s #1 all-flash array, XtremIO has deployed to almost 2000 customers to date. This session looks through some of the most interesting insights from that install base to help discern the future of storage and all-flash application workloads. We will spotlight general and specific results for data reduction, performance, and operational best practices.

Transforming End-User Computing With XtremIO: DaaS & New Use Cases For Graphics & Beyond Learn how XtremIO is transforming the End User Computing landscape by offering a full range of desktops – non-persistent/persistent, high-performance, and NEW graphics-intensive – with consistent and predictable performance at a low $/desktop and total cost of ownership. Going beyond VDI, XtremIO is enabling newer EUC use cases like Desktop-as-a-Service where best of both worlds meet – uncompromising experience for the end-users and radically simple deployment model with breakthrough costs for the IT organizations. Customers are sharing their EUC transformational journey with XtremIO giving you the opportunity to apply the lessons learned in your EUC environments.    

XtremIO For SAP: Game Changer For SAP Landscapes Learn how EMC is helping customers increase SAP performance by 70% and reduce TCO dramatically using XtremIO All-Flash Arrays. This customer panel teaches you how to move your SAP applications from traditional infrastructure to all flash arrays at incredible speed, while consolidating multiple copies for test and pre-production landscapes onto one XtremIO platform.

Business Continuity For XtremIO All Flash Array The session discusses the range of XtremIO high availability / business continuity solutions that enable XtremIO customers to protect mission-critical workloads. EMC offers…

Brocade Communication Systems, Inc.: Redefining Storage Connectivity For 3rd Platform From Isilon To XtremIO EMC and Brocade are redefining storage connectivity for Fibre Channel and IP storage to enable the journey to the 3rd platform.  Whether it is XtremIO AFA with FC SANs or a Big Data Hadoop application with Isilon Scale out NAS a Brocade Storage Fabrics with Fabric Vison is required.

XtremIO Native Replication With RecoverPoint The session provides a deep dive of the new native replication for XtremIO. It articulates the innovative unique replication technique that leverages the power of XtremIO’s in-memory snapshot architecture to perform replication with breakthrough efficiency and RPOs. We will discuss the different design considerations when applying replication to all flash workloads and how XtremIO and RecoverPoint successfully implement those considerations. We will show how customers can achieve best in class replication while keeping XtremIO’s consistent high performance. The session includes a demonstration of the solution.  

XtremIO For Microsoft Workloads This session explores how the transformational capabilities of XtremIO can benefit your SQL Server, Hyper-V and Exchange deployments. We also explore consolidation and agility across SQL Server environments enabled by zero cost writeable snapshots and the game-changing benefits of deduplication and compression within Exchange and Hyper-V VDI deployments.  

XtremIO v3.0 GUI & CLI Simulator (Hands-on Lab) Use this simulator as an introduction for a look and feel of the XtremIO XMS GUI Dashboard and CLI. You will be able to navigate through the dashboard as if it is a real environment, including provisioning storage, managing performance, and creating monitors.

Top 10 Tips & Tricks To Rock Your XtremIO World Learn the top 10 things to get the most out of your XtremIO system. Our panel of technical experts will share best practices of configuration, operation and management, and will  provide insights into your specific questions during a live ‘Ask-The-Expert’ session.

Accelerating SQL Server With XtremIO This session provide a deep dive into XtremIO all-flash technologies for SQL Server. We begin with looking at the XtremIO features that are unique for SQL Server deployments, going over test some results we are seeing in the lab with different feature implementations. Then switch gear into a demo, and dive into detailed use case studies of where you could benefit from deploying your SQL Servers on XtremIO. We wrap up the session with discussing some common pitfalls, deployment considerations, and provide some best practices guidance.

No Storage Tuning & Complete Operational Simplicity For Databases Running XtremIO In a 2014, IT Resources Strategies Survey, DBAs and storage teams today spend nearly 70% of their time maintaining their database environments versus focusing on application integration. This session reviews detailed solutions and case studies to showcase the value of EMC XtremIO all-flash-arrays to dramatically reduce steps needed for database infrastructure performance tuning, provisioning, and replication management.

SAS Analytics: Transformed With XtremIO & Isilon This session provides an overview of how your mixed analytics SAS workloads can be transformed on XtremIO & Isilon scale-out platforms. Whether your working with one of the three primary SAS file systems or SAS Grid, performance and capacity will scale linearly, significantly eliminate application latency and remove the complexity of storage tuning from the equation. Learn about best practices from fellow customers and how they deliver new levels of SAS business value.  

Intel: Intel Technologies To Optimize Storage System Data Movement & Operations Faster response times for storage applications and deployments, (such as big data and hybrid cloud), are becoming a critical requirement.  Intel’s hardware and software technologies can help product developers and IT managers build the infrastructure needed to successfully deploy services.  Intel’s hardwire technologies including CPU, networking, SSD and software technologies provide faster data movement though the storage systems such as EMC VMAX, VPLEX, VNX, XtremIO, Isilon  and faster data operations for storage functions such as compression, deduplication, encryptions and RAID in these storage systems.  

RecoverPoint: What’s New In 2015 Protection and mobility is essential in the datacenter, across datacenters and to the cloud. Learn about new ways introduced in 2015 to protect your applications and data with RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines – EMC’s software-only, hypervisor-based VM-level disaster recovery solution. New enhancements and integrations include: replication for VSPEX Blue, XtremIO, ScaleIO, EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and protection of virtual environments.

FC SAN: Should I Stay Or Should I Go… Refreshing your infrastructure?  Wondering “should I converge my network now and go with an IP based Storage Area Network or should I wait just a little longer to see what happens in the industry”?  Have you started the process of migrating to an IP based SAN and uncovered some of the IP SAN pitfalls?  Wondering why you can’t connect your vmknics to your NSX Logical Switches??  Thinking about how to support the connectivity needs of ScaleIO, VMware Virtual SAN or XtremIO?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us for a candid discussion that will be focused on storage networks and the intersections with Ethernet, IP and Network Virtualization.  We’ll provide some insight into the trends we’re seeing and you can feel free to share your thoughts and concerns or just take the opportunity to vent.

Best Practices For Running Virtualized Workloads On XtremIO Great, you customer have just purchased a shiny new all flash array (AFA), now what? In this session, learn the reasons for ones of the quickest revolutions that the storage industry have seen in the last 10 years, we will understand the different architectures and the different use cases, we will go trough specific use cases pains and how to overcome this, Lastly, we will put an emphasis on specific gotcha’s that AFA possess and how to overcome these, so your customer won’t have to.  

VPLEX: Advanced Configuration & Design – Performance, Design, Failure Modes & More This session covers advanced aspects of using VPLEX, such as performance optimization, scalability, configuration, and failure modes and will provide customers with deeper understanding of its architecture to design for optimal behavior. This session also discusses in details best practices of architecting and deploying VPLEX with all-flash XtremIO environments for performance and availability, and virtual-environments for maximum flexibility.  

ViPR Controller: Automate Delivery Of Storage Services (Hands-on Lab) ViPR Controller is storage automation software which transforms multi-vendor storage into a simple, extensible and open platform.  During this lab you will learn how to provision XtremIO and Hitachi storage, VPLEX volumes and create snapshots with ViPR Controller.  You will also learn how to provision ViPR Controller managed storage via the plug-in to VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

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Global Partner Summit – Flash Breakout for Partners Did you know  XtremIO is the fastest growing product in EMC’s history and is running away with the market share in this emerging space?  In this  session, led by Mike Wing, Global VP, XtremIO, you’ll learn about this transformational story, how to position yourself as a leader, and how to help your customers Redefine Possible with the power of Flash.

Tuesday, May 5, 3:40 PM – 4:30 PM

EMC IT: Leveraging The Power Of Flash In The Data Center How did EMC IT get breakthrough shared-storage benefits for application acceleration, consolidation, and agility with a reduction in cost plus scale-out architecture, consistent low latency and IOPs, deduplication, and compression? This session provides an overview, discussion, use cases, benefits and lessons learned from EMC IT’s implementation of Flash storage/XtremIO.

Evaluating All-Flash Arrays AFA’s are evaluated differently from hybrid arrays. Learn the latest tools and techniques from XtremIO engineers and each other. Share your challenges and successes to help fellow attendees with their testing. Bring your ideas to advance the state of the art and improve available tools. This is a no-holds-barred session aimed to get a clear picture of AFA capabilities.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud & Database-as-Service Best Practices Learn best practices for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud deployments with Tier 0 storage services build on scale-out all-flash arrays. This session discusses key use cases and benefits like Database-as-a-Service, leveraging pre-defined service catalog capabilities; empowering VM Admins, Application Admins, and Infrastructure Admins with self-service; streamline EHC management; eliminate silos, accelerate workflows, and handle cloud bursting. Customer examples show how XtremIO can take you hybrid cloud to the next level for all workloads, with breakthrough consolidation, data reduction, workload agility, and elastic capacity

OpenStack Enablement With EMC This session provides an overview of different data storage services in OpenStack, then details how various EMC products (VMAX, VNX, XtremIO, Isilon, Scale IO, etc.) integrate with OpenStack, covering best practices, use cases, and unique value-added benefits that can be derived from each.

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