As part of our ongoing integration with the other EMC eco system, I’m proud to announce the integration into EMC Storage Integrator (ESI), no, this is not VSI but provide a similar functionality for bare metal systems that are running windows server / Hyper-V , linux OS’s or in a future release, for Microsoft System Center.

so what is it exactly?

EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) for Windows Suite is a set of tools for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Applications administrator and the GUI is based on Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

The following Windows Platforms / Applications are supported as of this version (3.6)

XtremIO Provisioning – Overview

lets now focus on adding XtremIO storage system(s), creating volumes, viewing storage “pools” and imitators groups

As shown in the screenshot below, the XtremIO uses the below parameters for adding the array in ESI.

In XtremIO the LUNs are referred to Volumes, can be created by right clicking on the Storage system or from the right hand side Action menu.

There is no concept of Storage Pools in XtremIO array.

•All devices in XtremIO are TDEVs by default.

•Within the ESI the total capacity of the XtremIO is displayed under the Storage pools tab.

Initiator Groups are XtremIO special entities which are similar to Storage groups.

These groups contains the initiators from the Host and these groups mapped to Volumes.

•Volume Mappings are shown as Masking views in the Masking view tab.


XtremIO Powershell CMDLets– Overview


this version of ESI also introduce the first time we officially support Powershell as a way of communicating with the XtremIO array!



below you can see a demo demonstrating what we have just discussed plus the future integration to SCOM

ESI For Windows Suite 3.6 & EMC XtremIO Demo


As always, you can download the plugin from

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