the Flash Memory summit took place this year between august the 5th till the 7th.

all proceedings from the Flash Memory Summit have been posted online and you can download them by clicking the link below

here’s some observations that are relevant to you as a potential buyer of an All Flash Array:   – this presentation is from IT Brand Pulse, which surveys IT end users, and who for the 2nd year in the row named EMC/XtremIO as the most favored block all-flash array.  This is already covered on in the ‘Awards’ section, here are some helpful slides:

It shows EMC as the HOTTEST IT Storage Company.

  • Slides 24 and 31 show the categories in which EMC was voted at the top by end-users:

  • Who is #1 in this market?  EMC is!

  • And who do end-users plan to buy from?  That’s right, EMC!  Look at where the other competitors are.

  • Slide 54 –an interesting one, it demonstrate that you, the potential buyer, “evolved” quite a bit yourself but what does it mean? it means, that there was a lot of progress in the thinking process from buying a “dumb” AFA that provide performance only, to a more sophisticated array with data services, radically different architecture etc’, that is a very big thing as the AFA market  is still confusing to some in terms of the differences between different vendors products, different testing methods etc’, i will talk more about these points in the 2nd part of this series.


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