“Good things comes in small packages” is a common phrase, in many cases, the small package is “good enough” but nobody ever told us something in the line of “ small packages may perform as the big packages”


Enter the Starter X-Brick, it contains half of the raw capacity (5tb) of it’s bigger brother (10tb) and a quarter of it’s even bigger sister (20TB) X-Brick and it’s ideal for small POC’s, environments that do not need all the physical capacity like small(er) VDI deployments or smaller DB’s but the crazy part is that from a performance point of view, it perform exactly in the same manner like it’s bigger brother and sister.

“ok, my VDI/DB/VSI environment was small at the time I purchased the Starter X-Brick and I now need to grow”


No problem

you can order the other half of the SSD drives and grow to a full X-Brick while doing it ONLINE and non-disruptively, TODAY.

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