If you thought 2013 was big for EMC and XtremIO, you have seen nothing yet,

2014 is going to be much much bigger, a big part of the launching theme was around to “getting the architecture right!”, this was well needed because as we said, features are easy to add, changing your core architecture isn’t!

as part of let’s add some features, we have just released the 2.2 Service Pack 3 upgrade for our XtremIO customers,

this is what i call, “A minor release” hint, hint, the next one is kinda big..

Here’s whats new:

Hardware Changes:

20TB Brick

Enables XtremIO to provide more capacity in a single cluster for non-dedup use cases like Databases. Can be used for VDI as well, when physical capacity is more important then logical capacity.

Based on 800GB Hitachi Sunset Cove “Type B” (Encryption ready)

Supports 1, 2 and 4 X-Bricks per clusters.


Active Directory Integration

Supports AD integration over LDAP and LDAPS protocols

• Allows mapping of AD groups to XMS roles

• Mapping is done via groups, where AD groups are
mapped to roles within the XMS

• Supports multiple AD servers

• Use local store for user authentication if AD service is
not available

Client to XMS security

Allowing only SSH and HTTPS secure protocols.

HTTPS capabilities

– Secures GUI download from XMS

– Encryption of GUI to Management Server communication

– Supports installing 3rd party server certificate

– Allows encryption of the RESTful API

Remote Syslog Support

• Support sending events to a remote syslog server or multiple syslog servers

• Events handler enables the user to set rules on which event should be sent

Management Improvements

Monitor – display 30 minutes of history in line widget

Object Granular Monitoring – add latency reporting

– Average latency per volume

– Average latency per Initiator / Target, per block size

Support VAAI Thin Primitives


Return TPSTUN if a write is received by the XtremIO array and it cannot be stored due to lack of physical or logical capacity.

TPSTUN is enabled by default on all volumes

  1. TP Soft limit

A warning is raised and surfaced in VMware vCenter™ via VAAI if a thin-provisioned datastore reaches a specific threshold.

The following CLI commands were changed/added:

modify-cluster-thresholds  vaai-tp-limit=[1-100/NO-LIMIT] 

modify-volume vol-id=vol-id vaai_tp_alerts=[enabled/disabled] 

add-volume <list-of-parameters> added an optional parameter  vaai_tp_alerts=[enabled/disabled]

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