wow..this is one of the most controversial topics out there..


should you run your desktops with linked clones (VIEW) or MCS (Citrix) or should you go thick and while the reality tells us that one model doesn’t always win, you now have the flexibility to chose between the models based on your deployment scenarios WITHOUT considering the storage to be the decision factor.

before we jump to my demos, I also wanted to attach a recording to a VMworld 2013 session by Scott Davis (VMware EUC CTO), he also mention the changes the industry had to go from what he refer to VDI 1.0 (linked clones) to VDI 2.0 (full clones), he also mention specific technologies such as FLASH, Inline Dedupe, in essence, XtremIO

and lastly, here’s another link to a debate held at VMworld 2013, you can probably figure the topic..

attached below is a demo i recorded showing EMC XtremIO running 2,500 Desktops fully Eager Zeroed Thick on a single X-Brick running VMware Horizon VIEW, you can probably put more but in this case, the ESX Hosts CPU’s were the bottleneck..

The first demo shows the integration between the EMC VSI to the VMware vCenter server, it basically walk you through the viewing capabilities of VSI, then it will provision luns and then format them as VMFS based datastores, it will then enable Round Robin on ALL of them without you need to do it manually and finally, it will go ahead and create a full clone of the specific replace (golden master image) and integrate it with XenDesktop 7, it will also create a machine catalog and desktops delivery group for you!



you can also see another demo i recorded and chad narrated using the same mythology, this time with CITRIX linked clones AKA MCS.

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