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5056 Providing Business Value Using Virtualization, what Have We Learned.

Suffering from an aging infrastructure, multiple silo’ed solutions and ever growing business needs, we decided to take a deep look into the way we manage our infrastructure, this time, leaving no stone unturned, this session will walk you trough our journey, we will share our fears, how we overcome them and the fruits of our efforts, with YOU!

5285 Making the most of Flash Drives in your VDI Design

Storage is usually the ball-and-chain for the successful adoption of VDI for environments ranging from large enterprises to small business. Properly architecting storage to balance cost, performance, risk, and complexity is a challenge that every VDI design has to overcome. Missing the mark on any of these elements is easy to do, and can be very difficult to recover from.
Using Flash-based storage could be your answer to these challenges. There are several different ways to use Flash though…and times when you shouldn’t use flash at all.
Figuring out where the best place to use Flash in your design takes a good understanding of the pro’s and con’s of the available flash technologies and a good feel for what’s happening under the hood with Windows. And knowing when NOT to use Flash is also a good piece of information to have.
Let’s compare several different methods of implementing flash based storage, from server-based to array-based solutions, and see how each of them lines up against your requirements.



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