Hi everyone,

as of sometime in Q1 next year, I will be moving to a new and exciting role within EMC, I’m going to wear an hat of an Advisory Corporate SE, working for the XtrmeIO company we bought a few months back,  in this role I will be able to do things that I really found myself enjoying to do such as customer meetings, technical lead and a field –> R&D feedback and product developments.

I will not leave my virtualization passion, quite contrary actually, I will dedicate more time than ever for it.

I didn’t take this change lightly but I also understand we are living in a world that is constantly changing, the only thing you really need in order to survive it is a “constant” (or two).

my constants were always my family, my wife that supported me in any long trip oversees or long working hours and the “expanded” family, the vSpecialists, I really only came to realize it today that this group is so unique in the industry, people that know me, know that I keep using the word “commando” to describe the team but I also realized something else, today, I gave a joint VMware / EMC session at a virtualization forum where all the other vendors were busy throwing (incorrect) FUD at each other instead of showing what THEY are good for..how is related to out team, quite simply, I’m proud to see we were (and still are) the “Wonk” of the industry, wonk is a combination of a warrior that know to take it at the field but also a monk that can go an teach and do it all in an humble way. you are only fooling yourself if you think you know it all and have nothing more to know..again, a constant change!

our team was like this and the power on enabling each other in an humble way made us rich, mentally richer that any other group working in our segment, crazy emails in the middle of the night (iv’e done my fair “share”), urgent questions during customer meetings that received an immediate answer..flying behind enemy lines to fix a virtualization issue that require a certain expertise..you name it. Since no man is an island I really wanted to thanks e people I step thorough my journey so fat

Itzik hanan, we built together the VMware ps department

Chad Sakac, provided a guiding leader with a crazy vision

Travers Nicholas, brought me to the team, my mentor

Antonio Romeo, my last manager, had t guide me trough some wild time..

I will keep updating this blog and I wish us all a great new year!


Itzik Reich



  1. Dear Itzik,
    Wishing you all the best, and I’m sure we will continue to work together. For the last 2 years, you have been a compass for our VMware team in israel and myself, always with the right answers to every question, firing out virtualization wisdom at any one who asked, and as you said, with great measure of humility. I know that you will do great in the new exiting role as you have done in the current one!

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