we recently released the EMC VSI 5.4 with it’s new Appsync Integration so before we dive to appsync, let’s do some recap on VSI 5.4 and it’s new features:

  • Provision VMAX Storage
       –Create VMFS Datastores
    –Create RDM Volumes
    –Extend VMFS Datastores
  • Provision VNX/VNXe Storage
    –Create VMFS Datastores
    –Create RDM Volumes
    –Create NFS Datastores
    –Extend VMFS/NFS Datastores
    –Configure FAST-VP Tiering Policies
    –Legacy support for Celerra and CLARiiON
  • Clone Virtual Machines
    –Full Clone: Array-accelerated Copy
    –Fast Clone: Space-optimized Copy
    –Provision Cloned VMs to VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop
    –Refresh Desktops in VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop
  • Compress Virtual Machines
    –Reduce the Storage Space for VMs through VNX/e File Dedup and Compression
    –Decompress VMs on Demand
  • Improved VMAX meta device member size
    ▪<= 240 GB, TDEV
    ▪> 240 GB, Equal Size Member Device of Meta
    ▪+ Exact Multiple of TDEV Size
    —+ N * TDEV
    ▪+ Not Exact Multiple of TDEV Size
    —+ <= 240 GB: Meta = TDEV + new member
    —+ > 240 GB: Meta = TDEV + equal size new member ceiling to 240 GB
  • Finer VMAX Storage Pool Available Capacity
    –Physical Available Capacity
    –Oversubscription Rate
  • VNX New Block OE 5.32 Support
    –Mixed Pool Type
    –New Tiering Policy: Start High Then Auto

–Fast Clone of Fast Clone

  • VNXe 2.2 New Shared Folder Server
    –Dual Network Interfaces
  • VMware vSphere 5.1 compatibility


VSI 5.4: Storage Viewer

  • Enhancement on GUI Responsiveness
    –GUI Threading Improvements
    –Context Switch Improvements
  • Solution Enabler Upgrade
    –Included SE Installer
  • VMware vSphere 5.1 compatibility

VSI 5.4: Data Protection with AppSync

  • Part of VSI plug-in family
    Datastore protection management
  • Multiple AppSync backends support
    –VNX Snapshot (Block OE 5.32+)
  • Extensive Logging



•Add new AppSync credential
•Edit AppSync credential
•Remove AppSync credential
•Single connection only
•Role matters
•vCenter registration

Credential Dashboard

Add Credential > AppSync Credential Input

Add Credential > Test Failure

Add Credential > Test Passed

Add Credential > vCenter Registration

Add Credential > Edit Credential

Service Plan Inventory

•View Service Plan info
•Modify Service Plan schedule
•Unsubscribe datastores
•Refresh at Service Plan & Image levels
•Expire Image copies
•View Image event histories
•QuickProtect datastores

Service Plans / Image Copies Info

Modify Service Plan Schedule

Unsubscribe datastore from Service Plan

Image Copies Expiry & Event History


Datastore Protection

•Subscribe to existing Service Plan
•Create & subscribe to a new Service Plan

Create/Subscribe Service Plan > Sanity Checking

Create/Subscribe Service Plan > Sanity Check Error

Subscribe Service Plan

Create Service Plan > Template

Create Service Plan > RecoverPoint Type Details

Create Service Plan > VNX Snapshot Type Details

Create Service Plan > Schedule Details

Create Service Plan > Set Schedule

Datastore Mount/Restore

•Mount a copy to host
•Restore datastore using a copy
•Point-in-Time selection

Mount/Restore > Menus & Commands

Mount > Select Copy

Mount > Select Copy > Point-in-Time Selection

Mount > Copy selected by Point-in-Time

Mount > Select Copy > Point-in-Time selection Failure

Mount > Select Host

Mount > Mount Options (VNX Snapshot & RecoverPoint)

Restore > Select Copy

Restore > Affected Entities

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