like other years In the past, this year I submitted 3 sessions for your voting, for people who saw me giving a session back in 2011 and 2009, im trying to be as technical as I can without too much of a vendor pitching..

this year my submissions are based around a real customer journey, tier1 application virtualization and eating our own dogfood!

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here’s more info on the submissions:


Session Title: The Journey to the Private Cloud – A Real World Customer observation

Session Type: Breakout Session

Session Abstract: Do you want to virtualize as much of your datacenter as possible? Do you want to know how other customers have successfully implemented an almost completely virtualized datacenter considering everything from mission critical applications to VMware and the supporting infrastructure? With a very aggressive timeframe, CLAL Insurance decided to fully virtualize their Data Center. They wanted to use the virtualization project to make sure that every (technical) stone wasn’t left untouched. After careful evaluation of all available options, CLAL Insurance turned to EMC and VMware to provide an enterprise scale, proven solution to virtualize their Data Center. With the help of EMC Professional Services, CLAL deployed a solution that leveraged EMC CLARiiON, EMC PowerPath/VE, EMC RecoverPoint and EMC AVAMAR to virtualize and protect their Data Center. Come to this session and learn the details of how the overall solution dramatically reduced the complexity of their Data Center. As a result, the customer has become nearly 100% virtualized. The session will present CLAL’s best practices for virtualizing and protecting their Tier-1 applications. You will learn how to avoid potential pitfalls of utilizing VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter SRM. As no project is free of concerns, you will also hear about some of CLAL’s project concerns and how they overcame them to achieve a successful implementation.


Session Title: Design, Deploy, and Optimize SharePoint 2010 on vSphere

Session Type: Breakout Session

Session Abstract: SharePoint Server is a perfect candidate for virtualization. Physical implementations suffer from many limitations, including time wasted waiting for servers to arrive, waiting for software to load and testing complex HA and DR designs. Virtualization eliminates the dependence of the SharePoint component server on physical hardware. Now you can easily add CPU and memory resources spontaneously, move workloads to more powerful machines, deal with planned hardware maintenance with zero application downtime, immediately restart workloads from failed machines and recover to a DR site without worrying about maintaining exactly duplicated hardware. SharePoint is supposed to work this way. On VMware vSphere, it does. This session will cover virtual hardware design considerations for SharePoint 2010, guidelines for capacity planning, options for high availability and disaster recovery and support considerations.


Session Title: building our very own Private Cloud – things we learned.

Session Type: Breakout Session

Session Abstract: One of the largest challenges in our industry is to stay relevant, in order to do so, each one of us is required to have some time with new products but building a lab for each person is HARD and expensive and so we decided to provide a centralized lab (with a limited budget) that will be based around all the technologies we preach for customers, this session will describe how we learned and implemented vCD the best way we could and will hopefully give you some

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