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as part of the EMC World announcements, we also announced Avamar 6.1, here’s the what’s new from the application perspective, there are MANY MORE enhancements to scalability etc` which I didn’t include..feel free to ask your EMC rep to expand more on these..

EMC Avamar software and systems include integrated client, global data deduplication technology.

Avamar is ideal for protecting virtual environments, NAS systems, desktop/laptop systems, and remote offices.

It delivers fast, daily full backups, single-step recovery, and replication for disaster recovery.


Avamar version 6.1 provides you, the customers with important new features and capabilities, including enhancements for:

Mission Critical Applications


Performance and Scalability

Extended Retention

And Desktop/Laptop systems

Avamar 6.1 provides support for SAP and Sybase – critical applications that must be protected daily.

All versions supported by SAP and Sybase are also supported by Avamar, and Avamar also supports SAP BR tools that are supported by SAP, which enables scripting for simplified management.

For SAP and Sybase, Avamar 6.1 provides:

High Performance Backups including:

•Full, partial, incremental & logs

•“Hot” (on-line) and “Cold” (off-line) backups

•And for SAP, backups via the CLI

•And for Sybase, backups via the Avamar GUI or CLI

Avamar also provides fast recovery options including:

•The choice of full, granular and logs

•Relocated restore to different locations or hosts

•For SAP, recovery via the CLI

•And for Sybase, recovery via the Avamar GUI or CLI

And Avamar provides multi-stream support for faster backup performance to Avamar Data Store servers and to Data Domain systems using DD boost.

Support for Active/Passive cluster for the enterprise is also included.

And Avamar 6.1 supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems

Avamar 6.1 also provides enhanced support for Microsoft SQL including:

Up to 4x faster backups and recoveries by using multi-stream backups to Avamar Data Store or Data Domain systems.

Enhanced SQL backup and recovery is provided

•Including CLI and GUI support for ease of use

•The ability to skip or promote SQL simple mode databases during incremental to shorten backup times

•And simplified SQL database naming during recoveries for ease of use

Avamar also supports SQL Server 2012, including AlwaysOn Availability Groups for fast, efficient backup on Primary (Active) Databases, including

–The choice of Full, Differential, Incremental, and Copy

The net result is flexible, efficient SQL backup and recovery using Avamar


Avamar 6.1 support for MS Exchange DAG:

•MS Exchange Data Availability Group (DAG) federated backups are now supported

•Ensures all DBs backed up, eliminates duplicates

•Easy setup and management

•First server in priority list gets backups

Avamar 6.1 enhanced support for Oracle:

•Independent Log and DB backups

•Flashback Database Recovery

–Fast recovery to any point-in-time via Avamar GUI

•Corrupted block detection for faster recovery

•DD Boost multi-stream support for faster backup

Avamar 6.1 expands support in virtual environments:

•Improved VMware performance and management

•Support for thin-provisioned recovery in VMware

•Support for Microsoft Hyper-V environments, Guest and Image backups, and Federated Hyper-V

Avamar 6.1 supports Linux in VMware environments:

•Faster recovery with file level restore from an image backup in Linux (Hey Now!!)

•Disk-level granularity for backup and restore

•Universal image proxy for easier setup

•Supports thin-provisioned recovery for VMware

•Avamar management console command line interface (MCCLI) support

–Enables self-service recovery, which reduces IT support requests

Avamar 6.1 supports MS Hyper-V environments:

•Full virtual server protection

•Guest level backup and recovery

•Hyper-V Image backup and recovery

•No guest agent required – easier to manage

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