Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine just pointed me to the newly announced VMware 2012 vEXPERTS, list ( http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2012/04/announcing-vexpert-2012-title-holders.html )

apparently I’m in!!

thanks VMware for choosing me for this title, just being among the others experts who carry this title means a lot to me.

this year has been a roller coaster after the other for me so far, being a dad for a 2nd daughter that was recently born make things rather interesting and if there is one thing I can wish for myself (except for being healthy) is to be able to juggle between work / life balance.

I also wanted to thank @traversn for being my team leader until recently and for @antonvirtual who actually asked me to nominate myself for this program, really, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even do it.. working for EMC as part of the vSpecialists team is the best job ever!



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