we have just released a minor version of our VSI 5.1, this release contains numerous new features that a LOT of customers demanded in the last couple of months:

the first one is the CITRIX XD integration, this is quite a biggy in my eyes, iv’e been writing about CITRIX and EMC integration on numerous occasions in my blog and im very glad to see that we bring the CITRIX XD integration to be on par with the VMware VIEW one.

•Select Integrate with XenDesktop from cloning wizard

–This option is disabled if no XenDesktop controllers are registered with VSI

–XenDesktop integration available for both fast and full clones

The 2nd one is the SRA Utilities 5.1 global options interface

this small enhancement is a very popular one, it will only list the active sessions and therefore save you time when running the pairings

the 3rd one is a new territory for our VSI, it starting to expose performance data directly from the VM’s / Storage to the vCenter:

•Integrated Performance Monitoring

–Displays storage stats overlayed with vSphere stats

–Supports VNX, VMAX and VMAXe

–Monitors VM virtual disks or VMFS datastores

–Typical stats are total IOPS, read latency, and write latency

–% busy is used if latency is not available (ie. with VNX pool LUNs)

–vSphere stats require VMware vCenter 4.1 or later

–Storage stats require Solutions Enabler 7.3 or later

•Enabling VM latency alarms

–When a VM is selected

•A latency alarm will be configured for that VM only.

–When a host is selected

•A latency alarm will be configured for all VMs on that host.

•Note: Selection of a datastore in the host’s datastore list will not affect which VMs are configured with the alarm.

–When a datastore is selected

•A latency alarm will be configured for all VMs on that datastore within the current virtual datacenter.

•Note: If a VM exists on this datastore, but in a different virtual center then it will not have an alarm configured.

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